Lighting: sources of light and comfort

In order to be nice to be in the house and feel confident, a man invented sources of light. Once it was possible to do with a candle stub or kerosene, but today the lack of electricity is a disaster not only from the point of view of the inoperability of technology.

Among the many electrical appliances one of the most important is lighting: table lamps, lamps, floor lamps, lamps, chandeliers. These artificial "sun" fill the house with comfort. It is only how the atmosphere in the house will change.

Features of the application

In each room of any apartment there is a source of lighting that is attached to the ceiling. It is a chandelier or lamp. Lamps have directional lighting, can be located around the perimeter of the room, mounted on the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor or stand on the table. In this case, a specific area is lit, the light is not scattered, a soft atmosphere is established in the room.Most luminaires have only one cover that can be mounted:

  • in the center of the ceiling;
  • above a specific object, such as a desk;
  • in different parts of the room, if there are several of them, then one or all of them are included as needed.

Such a device is good to hang just above the workplace, especially if the room is multifunctional.

Types of lampshades and bulbs On the modern market there are lamps of various manufacturers. Among them:

  • Italy (Lussole, Donolux, Arte Lamp, Odeon Light);
  • Austria (EGLO, Globo, Orion);
  • Russia (Euroset, Light of Lights, Sonex, Svetresurs)
  • Germany (Favorite, Brilliant, Maytoni);
  • Belgium (Luside);
  • Spain (Mantra).

And this is not the whole list of those who seek to help you create comfort in apartments and offices.

The number of different forms is just as large. Lamps can be round, oval, rectangular, triangular, spherical and non-standard.

Bulbs in a pendant lamp are used in several ways:

  • halogen, giving bright light;
  • LED, the most compact and durable;
  • fluorescent;
  • Traditional incandescent bulbs.

To replace a light bulb, you need to know how it is attached.The most common option is the well-known right-handed thread, with a 90 ° rotation and two pins. Those who have no idea about the mount, it is better to consult a specialist or to get acquainted with the technology in advance.

How to choose a lamp

The ceiling lamp is not only a source of additional lighting, but also an element of decor. Therefore, if this is its main purpose, then you should not pay attention to the lighting possibilities (after all, some types of glass do not let light through, but have a beautiful appearance).

If you still need a bright light, you should consider the place, area and design of the room, and only then - the color design and the type of ceiling.

Whatever the apartment, the lighting in it should create comfort.

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