“Life hacking” for quick waking up: morning vigor without coffee and tea

Despite the numerous advantages of tea and coffee, not all people have time to brew their favorite drinks in the morning, but they are simply contraindicated for many. But to receive a charge of cheerfulness in the early morning, you can and without fussing with tea and coffee makers.

People who for one reason or another are deprived of the opportunity to stimulate their brain in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea, often experience insurmountable drowsiness for several hours until their body adapts to the "wakefulness mode."

And Scottish scientists from the University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh) offer quite equivalent replacement for popular drinks, and their methods are deprived of any side effects, characteristic for caffeine.

Methods can be used both in a complex and separately:

  • immediately after waking up, all the curtains must be opened so that the room (and the whole apartment as possible) will be brightly lit. In winter, you can use electric lighting.
  • need to take a contrast shower - and complete it with cold water
  • To “start” the brain to work at full capacity, you need to drink at least 1 glass of liquid — it is better if it is fresh orange juice.
  • breakfast (as opposed to lunch) never causes drowsiness, but, on the contrary, invigorates and gives strength. The main thing is that breakfast is full, but not too rich.
  • Physical exercise is an excellent substitute for coffee and tea in terms of stimulating all body systems. But if there is no time to do the exercises, then the invigorating effect can be achieved by listening to fast energetic music while brushing your teeth, making breakfast, and so on.

Vigorous music, in general, is better to turn on immediately after waking up - in this case, its impact will be even more pronounced.

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