Life-giving prayer on the Trinity for health, money and marriage - Orthodox texts in Russian

Every prayer for the Trinity, sincerely and pure thoughts uttered kneeling in the temple or in a quiet and cozy home atmosphere, necessarily reaches the Higher Powers and certainly gives a positive result. That is why, on a bright holiday, people open their hearts to divine conduct and turn to heaven with requests for health, marriage and help in money matters.

Life-giving prayer on the Trinity for health, money and marriage - Orthodox texts in Russian

Praying on the eve of the Holy Trinity can be different. Someone prefers to ask the saints in their own words, briefly describing their situation and begging for assistance and solving problems. The majority of the faithful choose to communicate with the Divine beginning special prayers that have come down to us since ancient times.We collected the texts of this direction in Russian for you into a separate collection. Here you will find the traditional prayer "Have mercy on us", suitable for almost any occasion, and other religious works taken to appeal to the all-powerful and life-giving Trinity, saints, apostles and the Mother of God.

Words need to be pronounced at any time, but certainly after the parental Saturday. It is advisable to confess before this and repent of sins to the confessor. Then the prayers will have more power and will surely give the expected result.

The almighty and life-giving prayer to the Trinity for the health of loved ones

Life-giving prayer on the Trinity for health, money and marriage - Orthodox texts in Russian

A sincere, omnipotent and life-giving prayer to the Trinity for the health of relatives and friends in truth does wonders. Widespread cases when, after dealing with these beautiful words to God, a person was healed of serious ailments and completely got rid of heart and soul pain.

Of particular effectiveness are prayer words spoken in front of the icon of the Holy Trinity in the temple of the Lord. Best of all, if the patient himself utters the text, having previously visited a confession, who took the sacrament and endured several days of fasting.When there is no such opportunity, close relatives can pray. The main thing is to do it very sincerely, with a pure heart and an open soul. Then the phrases will become healing, and the patient will definitely get better.

Those people who do not have the sick in the family are also allowed to turn to God on the day of the Trinity with a request to keep their relatives of all ages, and especially children, from misfortunes and ailments. Such a prayer will become a kind of talisman for loved ones and protect them from various negative manifestations.

Examples of health prayers for close relatives on the day of the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity, have mercy on us;

Lord, cleanse our sins;

Master, forgive our iniquities;

Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities, in thy name’s sake.

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, and to the Day and to the grace, and forever and ever.


Oh, Gracious God, Father, Son and Holy Soul, in the inseparable Trinity worshiped and glorified, try and respect your servant (name), a sickness obsessed; Send him all his trespasses. give him healing from the disease; Return to him the health and strength of his body. give him a long and prosperous living, your peaceful and conciliatory beneficent, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Glorified God and my Creator.O most holy Mother of God, with all your intercession, help me to pray to your Son, my God, about the healing of the servant of God (name). All the saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for His sick servant (name). Amen.


Oh, the most gracious God, Father, Son, and Holy Soul, in the indivisible Trinity, worshiped and glorified, priestly be grateful for Your servant (name), an obsessive disease; Send him all his trespasses. give him healing from the disease; bring back his health and bodily strength; give him a long-term and prosperous living, your peaceful and premium benefits, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Glorified God and our Creator.


"Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Unminded, have mercy on us"

(read thrice, each time bowing to the belt and overshadowing himself with the sign of the cross)

Effective prayer to the Holy Trinity for money and financial well-being

Life-giving prayer on the Trinity for health, money and marriage - Orthodox texts in Russian

The most effective prayer for the Holy Trinity about money and financial well-being is read in the silence of the temple or at home in front of the icons. At the time of appeal to the Higher Forces, one cannot ask for great wealth or excessive luxury. Such desires are never satisfied, and the priests do not recommend believers to voice them.

It is necessary to gently turn to God for money and financial well-being, expressing a desire to get a better-paying job that can help provide a family, solve health problems and educate children.

You can ask for good luck and God's blessing in your deeds and various endeavors. Such wishes. Higher forces always support and create conditions for their fulfillment. It is very good to show that you are not expecting just manna from heaven, which suddenly falls down and solves all material problems in one fell swoop. It is better to demonstrate your desire to improve the financial situation and the desire to work actively in this direction. Then Providence will not leave the prayer without attention and will offer the most diverse help to the applicant.

Variants of effective prayers on the day of the Trinity about money and financial well-being

O heavenly Saint Spiridone, the great wonderworker and servant of Christ! For your mercy I resort and ask you to protect me in domestic misfortunes. Pray for me and ask God for my well-being. You are filled with the love and goodness of Christ, your grace and kindness is known to all believers.With your prayers you will help me to receive the mercy of God and achieve in life all that I want. And I will glorify the Lord and the Creator and worship the Holy Trinity. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.


The Most Holy Trinity, the Unified State, all good Wines, that we will reward You for everything, have redeemed Thou art for us, sinful and unworthy, before all the rest of us, in All of us, in all days, and redeemed us for all of us. coming? Similarly, for the benefit of the blessing and generosity, the graciousness of Them is not the word of Tochia, but more than the deeds that preserve and fulfill Thy commandments: we, however, are our passion and our evil custom, to sins and lawlessness innumerable from youth. This sake, for theirs is filthy and polluted, not tochiyu before trisvetloe thy face bezstudno reveal, but lower thy name Presvyatago izreschi dovleyashe us to ashche not you yourself pleasure in them, in the joy of our, vozvestiti, Thou chistyya and pravednyya loving, repentant sinner milueshi and the tender accept Prizbou, O Trinity of the Divine, from the height of Thy Holy Glory upon us, many sinners, and accept our good will, instead of doing good, and give us the spirit of true repentance,yea, having hated every sin, in purity and truth, we will live to the end of our days, your most holy will creatively and glorifying your pure thoughts and good deeds your sweetest and magnificent your name. Amen.

Very effective Trinity prayer for girls and women for marriage

Life-giving prayer on the Trinity for health, money and marriage - Orthodox texts in Russian

Girls and women who want to meet their love as quickly as possible and build a family will be helped by a very effective prayer for marriage at the Trinity. In order for it to actually work, it is better to go to the temple, put a candle and, kneeling before the icon of the almighty and life-giving Trinity, turn to the Higher Forces for help.

If the request sounds sincerely and in the heart of a woman, indeed, there is a keen desire to become the faithful wife of a good man and an exemplary mother for future children, the words will surely work and pleasant, dramatic changes will happen in the near future.

You do not need to ask for a marriage if you are not ready for a family life with all its problems and difficulties. It is better to wait a little, get used to the idea and determine the degree of responsibility that will have to take on after the wedding.When everything is carefully weighed and thought out, the Higher Forces will immediately create the conditions for the main meeting of life.

The collection of prayer texts on the Trinity of marriage

O All-good Lord, I know that my great happiness depends on me to love You with all my soul and with all my heart, and to fulfill Your holy will in everything.

Control yourself, O my God, with my soul and fill my heart: I want to please You One, for You are the Creator and my God.

Save me from pride and pride: let reason, modesty and chastity adorn me. Idleness is opposed to You, and breeds vices, but give me a hunt for hard work and bless my labors. Because your Law asks people to live in an honest marriage, bring me, Father Holy, to this title, consecrated by You, not to please my lust, but to fulfill Your destiny, for You yourself said: it is not good for a person to be alone and having created his wife is a helper, blessed by them to grow, multiply and inhabit the earth.

Hear my humble prayer, from the depths of the maiden heart to Thee; Give me a spouse honest and pious, so that we in love with him and in harmony glorify you, the merciful God: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen.


Having risen from my sleep, I thank Thee, Holy Trinity, for many for Thy sake, for goodness and long-suffering, you are not angry with me, lazy and sinful, below me you have killed me with my wickedness; but you loved mankind, and in the desperation of the lying, you raised me, in every morning and glorify your power. And now enlighten my eyes of mind, open my mouth, learn from Your words, and understand Your commandments, and do Thy own will, and petition Thee in heartfelt confession, and chant all Thy Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and now, and and forever and ever. Amen.


Heavenly King, the Comforter of the All-Good, the Soul of Truth,

I will go forth from the Father forever, and in the Son I will take rest;

the unclaimed Source of the gifts of the Divine, sharing them together,

like khoscheshi, and they also are unworthy of sanctification and ordaining esma on the day of our baptism!

Look into the prayer of His servant, come to us, dwell in us, and cleanse our souls,

Let us be prepared in the dwelling of the Most Holy Trinity.


Do good from God, says the theologian, and you are from God, mercy to Philaret. I am God's God, such is your business, even if it's a blessing, That's by nature, yours by communion.

Strong kneeling prayer for the Trinity - texts and video

Life-giving prayer on the Trinity for health, money and marriage - Orthodox texts in Russian

The most sincere and powerful kneeling prayer on the Trinity is pronounced in the church directly in front of the icons. This can be done on Sunday, following the parent Saturday, immediately after the solemn service, when part of the believers had already left the temple and went home for a festive meal. This moment is best suited to appeal to the almighty and life-giving Holy Trinity, apostles, archangels and the Mother of God with personal requests.

It is permissible to apply to the Higher Forces with simple, understandable phrases born in your heart or use the following Russian texts and ask about health for family and friends, love and marriage, money or any other things that are most lacking in life. . The more inspired and quivering the words sound, the faster the providence will hear them and send their help to the one who asks. For even in the Bible there are phrases: "Ask and it shall be given to you."

Collection of texts of strong kneeling prayers to the Trinity

Prechista, non-turn, without beginning, invisible, incomprehensible, inextricable, indispensable, invincible, indefinable,kindly God, only have immortality, in the light of life unapproachable: created heaven and earth, and the sea, and all created on them, first ask for it, apologize to all, pray to you, and ask the Lord, the Lord of mankind, the Father of the Lord and God and the Savior of our Jesus Christ, us for the sake of men, and ours for the salvation of the descended from heaven, and incarnate from the Holy Spirit and Mary of All-Eternity, and the Most-Glorious Virgin: Who taught the first sermon, follow the same and showing things, having saved our passion to endure, humbly signing and sinful and not ostoynym thy servant, pleading prinositi thee in the knees and the neck of admiration, of their sins did, and people's transgressions.

Himself many-merciful and philanthropic, hear us, we shall call Tea, more rarely, on the Fifty-day, on the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ to heaven, and at the end of the right hand of You and God, lower the Holy Spirit to His holy disciples and apostles, and Sede on their one codezhdozh, and fulfilled all his inexhaustible grace, and the verb of the tongues different from Thy majesty, and prophet.

Now, fear those who pray to You, hear us, and remember us humble and condemned, and return the captivity of our souls, Your mercy having a prayer for us.Accept us who cling to You, and crying: Sinister, to You, the adherence of the Esma from the womb, from our mother's womb, Thou art our God. But as our two men disappear, bared by Your help, losing all answers, but daring to Your bounties, we call: do not remember the sins of our youth and ignorance, and cleanse us from our secret ones, and do not reject us during old age, when the impoverished fortresses our: do not leave us, before even return to our land, be able to return to Thee, and give us grace and grace.

Reckon our iniquities with thy bounties, resist you, put an abyss of thy bounty to many of our sins Look from the heights of your holy Lord, to the people who are coming, and to hedge from you rich mercies. Visit us with your goodness, deliver us from the violence of the devil: strengthen your stomach with your holy and sacred laws. Angela, faithful to the keeper, put Thy people, gather all in Your Kingdom. Give forgiveness to those who trust in Thee: forsake them and our sins. Cleanse us by the action of your Holy Spirit: destroy the intrigues of the enemy even on us.

Blessed is Esi, Lord, Lord of the Almighty, illumining the day with the light of the sun, and understanding the charges of fire,The longitude of the day is granted to us, and come near with the beginning of the night: hear our prayers, and all your people, and forgive all of us free and unwitting sins. Receive our evening prayer, and lower the multitude of Thy mercy, and Thy bounty for Thy inheritance. Let us be holy by your angels, arm us with the weapons of your righteousness, protect us with your truth, keep us with your power, deliver us from all circumstances, all slander resisting. Give us the present evening, with the coming night, perfect, holy, peaceless, sinless, heartless, dreamless, and all the days of our stomach: with the prayers of the holy Mother of God, and all the saints from the ages that pleased You.


The most pure, immaculate, beginningless, invisible, incomprehensible, unpredictable, unchanging, invincible, immeasurable, gentle, Lord, one who has immortality, living in the light of impregnable, created heaven and earth, the sea and everything that is in them, asking all before asking .

We pray to you and ask you, O Lord of humanity, Father of the Lord and God and our Savior Jesus Christ, for the sake of man and ours for the sake of salvation who descended from heaven and incarnated from the Holy Spirit and Mary of All-Eternity and GloriousThe Mother of God, who first taught in words, and later also showed in deed, when he underwent saving suffering, taught us, Your humble and unworthy servants, to offer You prayers, with worship of your head and knees, about your sins and about human ignorance.

Himself, many-merciful and philanthropic, hear us what day we will call You, especially on this Pentecost, in which, at the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ to heaven and sitting at the right hand of You, God and Father, He sent the Holy Spirit upon the saints His disciples and apostles, who rested in each of them, and all were filled with inexhaustible His grace and began to speak in different languages ​​about the great works of God and prophesy.

Here and now, hear and remember us, humble and condemned, who pray to You, Lord, and free us from the (sinful) captivity of our soul for the sake of Your mercy. Receive us who cling to you and call upon us: we have sinned. From birth - we are yours, Lord, from the womb of our mother - you are our God.

But as our life passes in vanity, we lost your help and became unrequited. Hoping for your generosity, we call: do not remember the sins of youth and our ignorance, and cleanse us from our secret [sins], and do not reject us in old age, when our fortress dwindles, do not leave us.

Before we return to the earth, be able to return to You and hear us through Your goodness and good will. Measure our iniquities by the measure of Thy bounty, oppose the abyss of bounty to many of our trespasses. Look from Your highness, O Lord, on Your coming people, who are waiting for You to receive rich mercy.

Visit us according to your goodness, deliver us from the violence of the devil, strengthen your life with your holy saints and sacred laws.

Angela, the faithful guardian, set Thy people to rest. All of us gather in your kingdom.

Forgive those who trust in Thee, forsake us and our sins, cleanse us with the action of Your Holy Spirit, destroy the enemy's machinations against us.

Blessed are You, Lord, O Lord of the Almighty, who has enlightened the day with the light of the sun and the night that has illuminated the moonlight!

Honored us to go through the day and get closer to the beginning of the night. Hear the prayers of ours and all your people, and, forgive all of us, voluntary and involuntary sins, accept our evening prayers and bestow upon Your people a multitude of Thy mercies and bounty.

Protect us with your holy angels, arm us with the weapons of your righteousness, protect us with your truth, save us with your power, deliver us from all misfortune and all evil slander.

Grant us that the coming evening with the night passed completely, peacefully, holyly, sinlessly, without temptations, without dreams, like all the subsequent days of our life, according to the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos and all the saints, from the age of You who served righteously.


Lord Jesus Christ our God, your peace giving by man, and the Holy Spirit is a gift, still in life and with us Syi, for inheritance inherent in the faithful for ever Submit: this most pure grace, Your beloved disciple and apostle is today a lowly, the whole human race God's teaching with his tongue in the ear of the ear is received, with the light of the Spirit enlightened, and the charms of the same as the mind are changed, and the sensual and fiery tongues by the distribution and the supernatural action, in Teachings of the Faith are learned, and To Thee with the Father and the Holy Spirit Deity Deity, and strength, and power brightened.

You are the Father omnipresent, the creatures and the nature of His immutable and immortal Inscription, the Source of wisdom and grace: open to me the sinful vertex, and teach me how it is worth, and pray for their needs: You are God. If you know many my sins, will win these immense.Behold, fear of the presence of you, in the abyss of your mercy, my soul despair threw me down: feed my stomach with the whole creature with inexhaustible wisdom by power, quietly overwhelmed the shelter, and tell me the way, I will go the same way.

Your Spirit of wisdom is my infusion with mind, the Spirit of reason to my mind is bestowed, the Spirit of Your fear of my autumn works, and renew the Right Spirit in my womb, and with Spirit Mastery of my thoughts, set your mind on this day: Yours, and Yours is well to commemorate the glorious coming, and the tormenting ones committed by us. And do not despise my friends who are opposed to this world with red ones, but strengthen the treasures with the future perceptions of gelaty.

You are the one who advertise Vladyko: as the great ashe who asks for Your Name, unceasingly accepts from Your presence God and the Father. Even so, and sinful at the coming of your Holy Spirit, I pray for your goodness, God bless you, pay for your salvation. To her, God, all good deeds are rich in tribute, and the giver of Goodness, because you deserve to offer the abundantly ask them: You are compassionate and merciful, You are a commoner without sin in the flesh of our flesh;

May God bless our people with Thy generosity: hear us from Thy holy heaven: sanctify us with Thy saving hands by means of Thy krill by sheltering us, and do not despise Thy hand. We are one to sin with you, but we also serve You alone. We do not bow to an alien god, below extend our hands, Vladyka, to another god. Leave the sins to us, and receive our knee-prayer prayers, extend a helping hand to all of us, receive the prayer of all, like the censer, pleasant, that is receptive before Thy kingdom.

Lord, Lord, deliver us from every arrow that flies in the days: Deliver us and from all things in the transitory. Accept the sacrifice of the evening of the hands of our rebirth. Give us the honor and the night of the field without blemish to avoid the evil from the evil: And deliver us from all embarrassment and fear, even from the devil us arriving. Grant our souls with our souls, and with our thoughts take care, hedgehog in your terrible and righteous trial. Stick to your fear our flesh, and slay our beings on earth: Yes, and by sleepy silence we will become enlightened, with the sight of your destinies. Take away from us every dream that is not similar and lust is harmful. Repeal us in the time of prayer, are established in faith, and are prosperous in your commandments.


Lord Jesus Christ our God!

Even in life with us, the abiding, your peace which gave to people and to inalienable possession is always giving to the faithful the gift of the Most Holy Spirit.

This grace to your disciples and apostles more fully dispensed, and endowing them with ardent tongues, so that through them the whole human race heard the word about God.

And we were enlightened with the light of the Spirit and got rid of seduction, like from darkness, with the gift of sensual and fiery tongues and their supernatural action, we learned to believe in the Son of God and praise Him with the Father and the Holy Spirit in one Divinity, strength and power.

Therefore You, Christ God, Father's radiance, beings and natures, His unchanging and immovable image, the source of wisdom and grace, open the mouth of the sinner and teach me how to pray about. You know a lot of my many sins, but Your mercy will overcome their immensity.

With fear before you, plunging the despair of my soul into the depths of your mercy. Thou who, by the power of inexpressible wisdom, rules over all creature, direct and my life.

You, a quiet haven of weary tempests, show me the way in which I will go. Thy Spirit of wisdom give me my thoughts, Give the spirit of mind to my foolishness,With the spirit of fear of your fall my works! I renew the Spirit of rightness within me, strengthen the impermanence of my thoughts by the Spirit of the Lord, that I, by Your good Spirit, being taught on a useful day every day, be honored to fulfill Your commandments and always remember Your (the second) glorious coming, when we all have to answer about what we have done . And do not let me, Lord, be seduced by the perishable beauties of this world, but strengthen in me the desire of future treasures.

For You, Vladyka, said: if anyone asks for anything in Your name, he will certainly receive from Your eternal God and Father.

Therefore, I, sinful, on the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit, I pray your goodness: give me salvation, which I ask. To Her, Lord, every good deed, a generous and good Giver, who sends us abundantly at our petition, You are compassionate and merciful, sinlessly accepting into our communion our flesh lovingly descending to those who kneel before you, giving us the cleansing of our sins.

May God grant Thy people from Thy bounties! Hear us from your holy heaven! Sanctify us by the power of your saving right hand! Cover us with the wings of Your wings and do not despise the creation of Your hands! We are one to sin with you, but we also serve You alone.

We do not know how to bow to another god, nor stretch out our hands to another god.

Forgive us our trespasses and, having accepted our kneeling prayers, give us all a helping hand, accept the prayer of all, as a incense incense accepted in Your prejugal Kingdom.

Lord, Lord, delivered us from every arrow that flies in the day, deliver us and from every thing that comes in the darkness.

Take the sacrifice of the evening, the hands of our raising. Suit us the nighttime without fail, without evil. And deliver us from all embarrassment and fear, from the devil to us coming. Grant our souls to our emotions and our thoughts the care of the forthcoming answer in your terrible and righteous judgment.

Pin to your fear our flesh and slay our earthly members, so that in the silence of sleep we will be enlightened by contemplating Your destinies. All away from us are all indecent dreams and harmful lusts. Raise us in the time of prayer, strengthened in faith, and prosperous in your commandments.


Sensitive, animal, and enlightening Source, Father-related Force, All looking for salvationThe immaculate slaughter brought to Himself about us, and the Body giving the most pure sacrifice, inviolable and impassable for every sin, and the terrible sim, and inscrutable priesthood gave us eternal, eternal grace in Hell, and the eternal crushing, and the rising sun showing the grave, and beginning grave, and began to heal, and began to hell, and the eternal crushing, and the rising sun showed us the grave, and the grave eternal crushed, and in the gray grace the display began: and the deep serpent, by the God-wise flattery, catching, and tying in tartar with the chains of darkness in tartar and the lights unquenchable, and in the third, unaccountable Thy hardened stronghold, named after the Wise Father, wielded by the great helper, and rosvetivy sedyaschiya in TME and the shadow of death.

You are the glory of the present Lord, and the Beloved Son of the Most High Son of the Son, the Light of the presence of Light, the Sun of Truth, hear us praying to You, and rest the souls of Your servants, the first departed father and our brethren, you are of the same kind as flesh, and all of your faith, about them and the memory we create now, as you have all the power in you, and in your hand contain all the ends of the earth. Vladyko the Almighty, God the Father and the Lord of mercy, kind of mortal and immortal, and of every kind of humanity Sodetel, are the same, and packs are resolved, abdomen and endings, here and there,and hedgehog transfiguration of Tamo: summer izmeryayay alive, and the time of death ustavlyayay: downmix to hell and erecting: svyazuyay in weakness, and otpuschayay in force: the real needs of the under construction, and the future is useful upravlyayay: mortal sting uyazvennyh veselyayay resurrection hope.

DRC Lord of all himself, O God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth, and who were in the Mori far away, Who in this great and last salvation day Pyatdesyatnitsy holiday, the mystery of the Holy and edinosuschnyya and soprisnosuschnyya and nerazdelimyya and nesliyannyya Trinity pokazavy us and the influx and presence of the Holy and Life-giving thy Spirit, in the form of tongues of fire on Your holy apostles izliyavy, evangelists and those postavivy, nasheja pious faith, confessors and preachers istinnago Theology pokazavy: 'Who in this all-perfect, and saving Celebrating to, purification DRC prayer of his ilk in the contents of the hades spodobivy priimati, Veliko same podavayay us hope of weakening the contents of the containing I filthiness, and comfort thee nizposlatisya.

Hear us, the humble, and Thy servant of those who pray Ty, and the rest of the soul of Thy servants before the dead, on the place of lightness, in the place of tears, in the place of chilling: any diseasesorrow and sighing and bring their spirits in the villages of the righteous, and peace and weakening them: they supposedly do not praise the Lord for the Lord, they will dare to give Thee a blessing to thee below Hell, but we alive Thee bless and pray, and bring prayer and sacrifice to thee for their souls.

Great God, and eternal, Holy, human-loving, who has been honored us at this time before your unapproachable glory, to sing and praise your wonders, cleanse your unworthy servants, and offer grace, even with a broken heart, to bring ungodly to You, Tris holy worship, and ungodly supplications and ungodly supplications and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers and ungodly supplications and ungodly revere you, unpleasantly offer ungodly reverers, ungodly reverers and ungodly reverers. Thine gifts, thou hast made us to us, and do it always in us. Remember the Lord our weakness, and do not destroy us with our iniquity: but do great mercy with our humility, but avoid sinful things, walk in the days of truth and glorify ourselves with the weapon of light, hated from all sorts of wickedness, and boldly glorified all, to You, the one true and God-loving God.

Your bo yako truly and the great eternity of (truly) the sacrament, the Master of all, and Creativity, is a temporary solution of Your creatures, and this companion, and the repentance forever: To you, we profess grace for all, our entrances,even into this world, and the exodus, the hopes of our resurrection, and the life imperishable, are forebodied by your false promise, or we will receive it in the future Second Coming. You are the God of God and the resurrection of our Head, and those who have lived unintelligent and humanely the Judge and bribes Vladyka and Lord, Izhe and attached to us sincerely flesh and shelter, descent for the sake of the utmost: and in the same place hasth suffered himself, that he self-favored tempted to us, being a self-promised helper: so did he bring us together into your lack of passion.

Accept our Master, prayers and supplications be ours, and God bless all fathers, mothers, children, brethren, and only-born sisters, couples, and all previously reposed souls: in the hope of the resurrection of eternal life, bring their spirits and their names animals in the wilderness of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the land of the living, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the heavens of sweetness, Your bright angels, entering all into the holy of your abode, sozdvizayay and our body in the day, more rarely determined by your holy and non-lying promise. God bless your slave death, coming to us from the body, and to you our God who come to you, but the departure from the saddest to the most useful, and the sweetest, and to the rest and joy.

But even that which has sinned to Thee, be merciful to us, and to those, Zadin is pure before You from evil, below if only one day of his stomach is, unless You are just one, the sinless Lord Jesus Christ appears on earth: Imja hope in mercy receive, and the abandonment of sins. Therefore, for the sake of us, the same, Yak Blag and the Humanist Bp style = ”text-align: center;” og, weaken, forgive, forgive our Falls, voluntarily and involuntarily, even under the jurisdiction and not in charge, presented and forgotten: deeds, even in thoughts, even in words, even in all our lives and movements. And grant those who have departed freedom and oslab, bless us with those who live here, end the good and peaceful with us and all of Your people, and open the womb to us with mercy and humanity, create for us your terrible and terrible Coming and the Kingdom of Your deserts.

God the Great and the Most High, are one with immortality, living in the light of unapproachable, creating all creature with wisdom, dividing in the midst of light and medium: And the sun resting in the bottom, the moon and the stars in the night. He is worthy of us sinners and present your face in confession today, and bring your evening service to you.Himself a Lover of Mankind, Lord, correct our prayer, like a censer before Thee, and receive in the stench of fragrance. Give us the real evening and the coming night peacefully: we clothe us with the weapon of light, save us from the fear of the night, and from all sorts of things in a transitory way. And grant us a dream, Heaven bestowed upon us on the rest of our infirmity, changed from every devilish dream. To her, Vladyko, of all good beneficiaries, let us be touched and caress our hearts in our lodgings, and in the book of Thy blessed name. And by the admonition of Your commandments we illumine, in the joy of our heartfelt delight to the glorification of Your goodness, prayers and supplications for Your grace, bringing about your sinners, and about all Your people: visit them with the same prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos.

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