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Lentil-Sausage Stew

Oct 5, 2006
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You can substitute escarole, kale, or mustard greens for Swiss chard, but we love the chard's striking red color.

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Total Time: 0 hours 25
bunch red Swiss chard
hot or mild Italian-sausage links
small yellow summer squashes
small ripe plum tomatoes
can ready-to-serve lentil soup
  1. Cut Swiss chard stems into 1/4-inch pieces; cut leaves into 1-inch slices.
  2. In 6-quart saucepot, cook sausages and chard stems over medium-high heat 10 minutes or until sausages are browned and stems are tender-crisp, breaking up sausages with side of spoon. Meanwhile, cut squashes lengthwise in half, then crosswise into 1/4-inch slices. Chop tomatoes.
  3. Increase heat to high. Add soup, squashes, chard leaves, and 1 cup water; cover and cook 5 minutes or until squashes are tender. Top with tomatoes to serve.

Video: Lentils with Sausage & Nonna - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 475

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Watch Lentil-Sausage Stew video

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