Lamination of hair at home with the help of gelatin (recipe)

Yes, you heard right. Today we will offer yourecipe hair lamination at home with gelatin.
This method of hair restoration is suitable for those who have badly damaged hair, ends are split, hair has lost a healthy shine and become dry as straw. Thengelatin lamination of hair at homeyou will be welcome. Also for owners of thin and sparse hair, such a lamination procedure at home will cause the most visible effect of hair volume.

The advantage of gelatin over store lamination products is that it contains collagen protein (natural), which covers your every hair with a protective film. Therefore, after such a procedure, your hair will become healthy, thicker. Gelatin well moisturizes and nourishes the hair. Just do not count on a stunning effect the first time.For visible changes you need at least 3 procedures. It is advisable to hold them when you are accustomed to wash your hair. That is, if you wash your hair three times a week, you can do the lamination with gelatin three times in a row. If you wash your hair once a week, then the procedures of hair restoration are also once a week. Each time your hair will accumulate effect, and as a result you will get shine, silkiness and smoothness.

Homemade Lamination of Hair with Gelatin- this is not fiction, but reality!


Another advantage of this hair restoration procedure is thathomemade lamination products with gelatinhave a small price in the store, gelatin can be bought without large expenses, which is not difficult for any girl to carry out such a procedure at home.
The procedure of lamination with gelatin itself is not very complicated and takes about an hour of time, in principle, like ordinary hair care, for example, a hair mask. Below we give you a recipe for gelatin lamination, where everything is painted, how to make lamination of hair right at home.

Home lamination hair gelatin (recipe)

For gelatin mask you will need:

  • 1 sachet of gelatin;
  • Boiled water;
  • Mask or balm for hair.

How to do hair lamination(hair lamination instruction):

  • 1. Boil water, give it a little cool. Pour out 1 tbsp. spoon gelatin in a glass container and pour 3 tbsp. spoons NOT HOT water. If you have thick or long hair, then increase the proportions by 3 times, that is, add three spoons of water to three tablespoons of gelatin (always just do 1: 3). Thoroughly mix everything. Do not be afraid if the gelatin sticks to the cutlery, it will then easily wash off. We advise, after you mix everything well, cover the dish with gelatin with a plate so that it does not cool and freeze. Yes, by the way, this proportion is designed for short hair. After the first procedure, you yourself must already adjust the proportions of the prepared gelatinous mixture. So that the next time you decide to make hair gelatin lamination, you will already know how much mixture you need for your hair.
  • 2. At this time, until the gelatin swells, you go to wash your hair with shampoo, and then apply a balm and then wash it off. We wipe the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture, but to keep it slightly moist.
  • 3. So, from the moment we made the gelatinous mush, it should take about 15-20 minutes. Now check that we have with gelatin. If it is not completely dissolved, then you can reheat it even in a water bath, stirring until a homogeneous mass.
  • 4. Then add to your gelatin your favorite mask - half a tablespoon (it is not advisable to add more, since the effect may not be the right one). Consistency should resemble thick sour cream or dough.
  • 5. Now apply the gelatin mixture to your wet hair. It is advisable not to apply on the scalp itself, i.e. hair on the roots themselves. Stand back about 1 cm from the hair roots. Gelatin mask is applied very quickly. You will see - this lamination procedure will not be difficult for you.
  • 6. Now, as soon as we put all the mixture on the hair, then you need to put a plastic bag on your head or a special cap. From the top we wind up with a towel and warm our head with a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes. Then we go about our housework and do not notice how 45 minutes have passed.
  • 7. Now wash off the gelatinous mask with water. You will see that gelatin will wash off your hair without much difficulty, thanks to the balm that we added to the mixture.

Hair after lamination (photo)

How often do hair lamination?

You can do gelatin lamination at least once a week for two months. You will see the result immediately after the first application, and then the effect will only increase.

We gave you the simplest example.recipe for home lamination gelatin.

But you can try to make also gelatinous masks with the effect of lamination. We suggest you determine which gelatinous hair mask, the recipe for it, is right for you. When choosing you should be guided by your hair type, color and degree of damage. The only difference between gelatinous mask and gelatin lamination is that we also add an auxiliary component to the mask (yolk, milk, herbs, mustard, etc.). And the basic composition and preparation process is the same as with gelatin lamination.

How to make a gelatin mask?

The process of making a mask is the same as lamination of hair. Just add another useful component.

How to apply a gelatin mask?

The mask is applied very easily, just like a regular mask. The consistency should resemble liquid honey.Do not apply a mask on the scalp, but leave the hair roots (2 cm) free of gelatin, so that there is no itching and the mask is washed off more easily.

For those who find it difficult to make home lamination of hair with gelatin using a written recipe, we suggest watching a video about hair lamination at home.

Lamination gelatin (video)

The video shows how to make a gelatin mask with chicken yolk. Her detailed recipe is given below.

Next, we will offer you recipes for different types of hair masks. You only have to choose a mask suitable for your hair and prepare it. Everything is very simple. The basis of all recipes is the proportion of gelatin + liquid - 1: 3.

Gelatin mask with juice

Blondes can add to the resulting mixture of lemon juice diluted with water, and brunette-carrot juice. It turns out that 1 tablespoon of gelatin - 3 tablespoons of juice. We add juice instead of water and warm this mixture in a water bath. And then we do everything as usual.

Burdock or castor gelatin mask

Mix gelatin and warm water in a ratio of 1: 3. Then add half a teaspoon of oil. Further, as usual.

Herbal gelatin mask

Brew chamomile flowers for blondes, and nettles for brunettes. Mix the decoction with gelatin and add 1 tbsp. honey. Then everything is consistent, as in previous recipes masks.

Gelatin mask for hair volume

We need: 1 tsp. gelatin, 1 tsp. colorless henna, 1 tsp. mustard, 2 tbsp. l. water, 1 yolk. Mix well in a water bath.

Gelatin mask on mineral water

We buy regular non-carbonated mineral water in the store. We take gelatin 1 tbsp. l. and add to it 3 tbsp. l. mineral water. Stir this mixture in a water bath until gelatin is completely dissolved. After the gelatin mask has cooled, then apply it on the hair. Since gelatin contains vitamin E, then you need to add to the mask vitamin A or a couple of drops of lemon with lavender oil.

Gelatin mask with milk

Mix all in the same proportion of 1: 3 gelatin and milk. We put it on a water bath until the gelatin is completely dissolved. After cooling, apply to the hair.

Gelatine mask with almond oil

In a 1: 3 ratio, we dilute gelatin and water. If you have dry hair, then add 1.5 teaspoons of almond oil to the mixture, 1 teaspoon for normal ones, and 0.5 teaspoons of almond oil for fat ones. We put melted in a water bath, and then apply to the hair.Keep this mask for no more than 30 minutes.

Egg-gelatin mask for all hair types

Dilute gelatin and water in a ratio of 1: 3. Then add the yolk of the chicken egg and put in a water bath. Further, according to the instructions.

Gelatin dry hair mask

Gelatin and water - 1: 3. Then add another 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a couple of drops of lavender oil or any other. We put it in a water bath and mix it. Then all the same steps, as before.

Gelatin Mask for greasy hair

Take 1 yolk, 4 tablespoons of lemon juice (can be replaced with vinegar), then add gelatin - 1 tablespoon, and shampoo - 1 tablespoon. All this is well stirred, put in a water bath, etc.

Gelatin Shampoo Mask

Boil the grass (nettle, chamomile, burdock, etc.). It all depends on the type and color of hair, which grass you choose. Add to 1/3 cup decoction 3 tbsp. l. gelatin and your shampoo. We put all this in a water bath and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Apply this gelatinous shampoo on the head and leave for 10 minutes. Store gelatin with shampoo in the fridge for a week.

Hair after gelatinous mask looks smooth, smooth, elastic and thicker.

Gelatin mask (photo After lamination)

How often do gelatinous mask?

This procedure for hair, like gelatinous lamination, you can do at least once a week. And the result will get better, and the effect of the gelatin mask - more. Hair will get a healthy look. Will fall out less and break.

Now we will summarize and answer basic questions abouthair lamination how to make it CORRECT:

  • 1.Try not to rub the gelatinous mask into the scalp, because it can cause scaling and itching.
  • 2.When you prepare the gelatin mixture in a water bath, then make sure that the gelatin does not boil. He will immediately lose all his beneficial properties. In this case, it is better to prepare the mixture from gelatin again.
  • 3.Try to gelatin completely dissolved. Do not apply the mixture with lumps, because they will be difficult to comb out from the hair.
  • 4.If your hair does not get shine, the effect of lamination is not visible even after several procedures, then perhaps you should consult a doctor to find the cause or disease.

If you have any questions, then ask them in the comments.There you can find answers to many questions.

In addition to the procedure for hair restoration gelatin, there is also a gelatin mask for the face, which will make your skin more youthful and healthy, and relieve acne. Or strengthen the nails with gelatin with the help of special baths against brittleness and growth. All this can be found in the Beauty Secrets section.

We hope you like our recipe for lamination of hair with gelatin at home. Now you can look just great. If you have new additions to the recipe, do not hesitate, but write your feedback in the comments or offer your recipe for a gelatin mask.

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