Lack of integrity

Lack of integrityLack of integrity Do not harbor any illusions: they say that there are many different reasons why people choose unsuitable partners, but this is not so. Actually the reason is one: lack of integrity. It manifests itself in different ways, but it does not matter which part of your personality you reject. And the path of healing is the same: any detached component must be integrated into the personality. Speak your problems with reliable people. This could be a good psychotherapist, members of a self-help group, friends, or other wise, mature, and experienced people. In addition, God must be your interlocutor.


When you open and heal the internal boils, you will not need a romance with a dubious hero - the scenario of your life will become completely different. If life has ceased to be a tragedy, then there is no place for the villain in it. If life has ceased to be a comedy, then you do not need to look for a frivolous and eccentric partner. If life has ceased to be a continuous succession of disasters, then you do not need a man-crisis.If life has ceased to be a base erotic film, then you and the partners who suffer from sexual addiction do not need you.


See how your psychologically healthy friends live - those who help you in healing your spiritual wounds. If your life, like their life, becomes healthy, then the world around us will inevitably respond to these changes. In a good movie always worthy characters! So, as soon as you gain integrity, good people will reach out to you. These will be worthy partners that your healthy mind will attract.

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