Kevin Spacey made a camping out

The week began to be saturated. Kevin Spacey made a frank statement. 58-year-old Oscar-winning actor (“American Beauty”, “Life of David Gale”, “House of Cards”) wrote on his twitter that he was going to live as an open gay from now on. He also apologized to his colleague Anthony Rapp: a scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein served for Anthony as a reason to tell how in 1986 Kevin pestered him at a party. Then Rappp was 14 years old, but he managed to free himself and leave.

“I express immense respect and admiration for Anthony Rapp's acting talents. I was horrified by his story. I sincerely do not remember the meeting that took place between us more than 30 years ago. But if I behaved as he describes, then I offer my deepest apologies for my unacceptable drunken behavior. I am very sorry that all these years he was haunted by the feelings he talks about.

This story inspired me to speak about something else from my life. I know that there were a lot of rumors about me due to my secrecy.The closest people know that in my life there were relationships with both men and women. I loved men and met with men throughout my life, and now I choose the path of a gay man. I want to accept it honestly and openly and start learning about myself from the other side. ”

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