Karelia is a great place to relax

Where can you go on an active holiday at any time of the year and enjoy the journey, regardless of the season? To Karelia This wonderful region is located in the north-west of Russia, and is known to all lovers of active tourism. What attracts Karelia?

A huge choice of activities for the soul - rafting on the rivers, bike rides, skiing and hiking trips. Hunting for numerous representatives of the animal world, fascinating fishing in the water resources of the region. And all this against the backdrop of the amazing beauty of nature.

Karelia is a worthy competitor to other regions of the country, chosen by tourists. This Transbaikalia and the Urals. If you are sad to spend time in a comfortable southern resort, and attracts the unknown, go to Karelia on your own. “Wild” rest will allow you to get acquainted with the uniquely beautiful nature, enjoy the silence in the low tourist season without fuss and haste.

There are things to do and families with children. In winter - skis and sleds, exotic dog sleds.In the summer period - delicious useful berries and mushrooms, fishing, horseback riding and hiking. In the last century was a popular song with these words:

"Somewhere, a rosemary on the hills blooms,
Cedars pierce the sky ...
It seems like it's been waiting for me
The region where I have never been. ”

This is about Karelia, which is waiting for you and promises to give an unforgettable experience!

Geographical position

Each self-respecting tourist before traveling should get acquainted with the geographical features of the region. And they are very interesting. For example, did you know that there are amazing water resources in the region? The rivers are twenty-seven thousand, the lakes are over sixty thousand, and the waters of the White Sea are washed by the north-east of the republic.

“The Land of Forests and Lakes” is about Karelia. In addition to other areas of the country, Finland borders on it, forming a single natural ensemble with parks and reserves. Two hundred thousand square kilometers live seven hundred thousand population, and, according to statistics, there is one lake for eleven people. Where else can you find such a special place in the country?

More than ten cities and less than forty settlements are located on the territory of the republic with the capital in Petrozavodsk. In addition, there are a large number of bases, cottage settlements, ready to host tourists with hunters and fishermen at any time of the year.

Travelers-local historians are attracted by the variability of the northern nature of the region, from granite rocks with boulders to green meadows, from pine forests to mirror-clear lakes, from which you can drink water without fear. A relatively small republic can boast of three national parks and two reserves.

And even a cold climate with a short rainy summer and long winter with abundant snow is not a hindrance to traveling in this unusual and exciting region of our country.

Climate conditions and related entertainment

Greater tourist influx is peculiar to the summer period, when the long-awaited summer comes. It is usually cool and rainy, with temperatures varying from fifteen degrees of heat in June to thirty in July.

On hot days it is pleasant to swim in the clear waters of rivers and lakes, with clear water. And, of course, to engage in water tourism and sports.Inventory can always be rented in tourist centers and from local residents living on the banks of reservoirs.

July is the time of ripening of wild berries. Here you can enthusiastically wander among greenery, breathe in fresh air and gather in abundance the familiar raspberries, exotic cloudberries and the most delicious and useful blueberries.

And these white nights? Magic! You can soak up the stern beauty of Karelia for days. August is cooler, with temperatures as high as twenty degrees on some days, which does not interfere at all with perfect fishing and hunting for waterfowl.

September is the month of mushroom pickers. In Karelia, an abundance of mushrooms and mega-berries, such as lingonberries and cranberries. This is a real paradise for fans of fried potatoes with mushrooms, who can, of course, distinguish a good mushroom from a poisonous one.

The average winter temperature is minus fifteen degrees and there is always a lot of snow, which allows you to make ski trips, with enthusiasm to descend from the hills on a sled. You can rent snowmobiles and ride reindeer.

In winter, do not stop hunting and fishing, but with extreme. But with a good outfit and the presence of experience - this is a very interesting pastime.

Flora with fauna

Do not forget to take a camera with you, because you will not find a more beautiful nature anywhere else. You can endlessly admire the unique views of the mountains, pine forests and water surface. Collect willow-tea in the meadows, wander among the piles of boulders, fantasizing. Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, reflected in the crystal water.

Since there are swamps in a large part of the region (thirty percent), this is not only the joy of gathering cloudberries, but also the annoying midges that appear after the snow has disappeared.

Great woodlands (sixty five percent) with a predominance of pine, a variety of mushrooms and a lot of ripe berries - cranberries, cranberries, blueberries.

Karelia is a nesting place for a large number of birds - black grouses, wood grouses, eider. Here you can meet hares and martens, foxes and wolves. Among the larger representatives of the animal world, it is worth mentioning the northern elk and the forest brown bear.

The cool climate is favorable for fish farming. You may be lucky enough to catch a predatory pike, which has a special delicate taste, thanks to a diet consisting of grayling and vendace. You will not taste such pike anywhere else!

In lakes and rivers there are a lot of prickly ruff, a thick pike perch and a sluggish burbot, perch with ide, bream with roach. You can catch some delicious lake trout. Not a land, but a storehouse of natural wonders.

How to get to the wonderful edge?

The railway from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk, and then to any corner of the region. Romantic sea voyage along the major rivers of Karelia and the largest lakes - Onega and Ladoga to the desired place. The most exotic holiday in the settlements of lumberjacks and wood raiders, which can be reached by specially developing a route.

Travel Tips

Well, in Karelia? We are waiting for the white nights and lakes in the summer, ski slopes and hunting in winter. The region has all the amenities for outdoor activities - specially laid routes through forests, ponds for successful fishing are stocked, boats for long journeys through water resources are rented, equipment and inventory are always available at the bases.

You can improve your health not only by breathing in the ecologically clean air of the republic, but also with the help of healing water from mineral springs. Not only active recreation can offer an amazing edge.There is something to see the guests of Karelia, rich in sights.

  1. Go to the museum, located in the last house of the village with the remarkable name "Palaces". He is a member of the Marcial Waters resort museum complex, founded by Peter the Great, and proudly bears the title of the first Russian resort. By the way, at the present time there are sanatoriums and health clinics in the region, which can be noted. And still, only here, in Karelia, you can buy a unique mineral makeup. Its main component is the mineral schungite, which is nowhere else found.
  2. Of course, you will not forget about the masterpieces of wooden architecture located on the island of Kizhi. This name is widely known, because so many well-preserved architectural monuments - churches and churches, temples and monasteries, chapels and bell towers, are only in the unique reserve of the same name. In the open-air museum, pay special attention to the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, grandiose in size, antiquity and technology of production "without a nail".
  3. Valaam archipelago in the waters of Lake Ladoga, fanned by legends and secrets of the past, will make an unforgettable impression on you.Pay special attention to the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral, located on the mountain complex of Valaam. This is a majestic and spiritualizing spectacle.
  4. A visit to the Paanajärvi National Park will delight you with views of high rocks and waterfalls, wonderful landscapes and the lake of the same name in rocky faults.
  5. In the mountain park of Ruskeala - a historical and natural monument, you can not only admire the Marble Canyon, but also explore the flooded old mines, traveling by boat through artificial caves, where marble was mined for three centuries in a row.
  6. If you want to visit Karelia in the winter for a close acquaintance with the ski slopes, visit the ski resorts in Spasskaya Guba, Jalgor. Here is the expanse for beginners and professionals. Excellent service and great views have made the resorts a landmark region.
  7. With lovers of archeology, Karelia is ready to share petroglyphs and stone labyrinths on the Solovetsky Islands and the Red Luda Peninsula.
  8. In the reserves Kostomukshsky and Kivach you can wander along ecological paths, admiring the local beauty, and expand your horizons in biology.One can personally see the waterfall competing in size with the European ones - Kivach on the Suna River.

For lovers of the festivities, too, there is an offer. Every year, avid fishermen attend a merry festival, where one of the Karelian lakes, Janisjärvi, competes in catching predatory fish species. Here are the bards going. Fresh fish soup with a bard song - “the very thing” for a real romantic!

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