It is finished: George and Amal Clooney were born twins

As the doctors predicted, the children were born in the first decade of June.

Hurray, it happened - Amal Clooney gave birth. A boy and a girl were born today, at the appointed time. As the representatives of the couple reported, the baby was named Ella, and her brother, Alexander.

“Ella, Alexander, and Amal are healthy, happy, and rationally feeling,” says a press release. “George is trying to calm down and should recover in a few days.”

I gave birth to Amal in the London hospital, where George took a whole wing for her, so that no one would interfere and spoil a very happy and very intimate moment with excessive curiosity. Physicians are on duty around Amal and their children around the clock — the hospital is almost ready to pay for a fee of almost 600 thousand dollars a day. In general, pregnancy and childbirth cost the couple in the amount of about a million dollars.

George and Amal Clooney
Photo: GettyImages

George, despite all his supposedly child-free past, was delighted with the news of his future fatherhood.As family friends said, he naturally clucked around his wife, trying to make her always comfortable. Hollywood handsome even meekly left the matrimonial bedroom, when it turned out that his snoring prevents the expectant mother from sleeping.

In addition, George started a large-scale repair: for the kids, not just a child, but a whole wing in the mansion. At the time of construction, the neighbors had to be relocated to a hotel, and they also had to pay compensation for the inconvenience. Well, you remember about this million for childbirth.

But now everything is behind, now mom and dad are faced with completely different troubles. But first - congratulations, which certainly will be very much. Matt Damon, for example, was so happy to learn that Clooney would become a dad, that he even shed a tear.

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