Is it possible to have sex during menstruation

Quite a few are wonderingcan you have sex during menstruation, while many women ask quite reasonable questions, why? But there is also a category of women who do not see anything terrible in this process, while the majority of women prefer to refrain from intimate relationships during menstruation. But they do this not because they feel some discomfort or are embarrassed by this process, but because someone told them that it could harm a woman's health.


Sexologists conducted a series of studies, during which it became clear that it is from the phase of the menstrual cycle that each woman develops sexual desire, and they are completely different for many women. Some women want very much and often have sex, and some do not have any sexual attraction to men during menstruation, and much depends on the well-being of the woman during this period.


If you consider this issue from a medical point of view, then many experts argue thathaving sex during menstruation is not possible to harm the health of a woman. But at this point it is very important to pay special attention to personal hygiene, moreover, it is advisable to use a condom during sex and monthly, even if you and your partner prefer to have sex with your partner without a condom. The fact is that during the months the cervix is ​​slightly ajar, so harmful microorganisms can enter the uterus from the vagina. It must also be remembered that blood is simply the ideal breeding ground for a variety of bacteria. If a woman does not keep personal hygiene, then after the completion of sexual intercourse risks a serious inflammatory process. If you decide to have sex during menstruation, then you need to deal with this only with a trusted partner, whom you completely trust, because there is a certain proportion of risk.


Exclusively from the woman's well-being will depend on the sexual activity of a woman, especially if she suffers from premenstrual syndrome.Also, a few days before the onset of menstruation, there is a change in the physical and mental state of a woman - there may be increasing pain in the lower abdomen, a woman begins to suffer from insomnia, tension appears and anxiety becomes aggravated. At this time, the woman just does not want sex. Also very important in the sexual desire of a woman is the nature of discharge. If a woman has a very abundant discharge, then during intercourse the partner gets very dirty, so many women are embarrassed by this and prefer to abstain from intercourse during menstruation.


There is another very serious reason for refusing to have sex during menstruation - algomenorrhea, that is, menstrual dysfunction, aching and cramping pains appear in the lower abdomen, unpleasant pain may occur in the lumbar and sacral regions, which causes the woman to experience severe malaise. In this case, women will not enter into an intimate relationship with a man, no matter how much their partner does not want.


Most women experience whether they can get pregnant during menstruation or not.You should not be in vain in the hope that this is not possible, it is quite real, so do not forget about the precautions. A woman cannot know for sure at which moment the full maturation of the egg will occur, so it’s possible to get pregnant, both a few days before the onset of menstruation, and during it. You should be especially careful if a woman does not have a regular menstrual cycle.

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