Interesting places for those who love silence

Sometimes you want to relax your soul and just enjoy the silence. To do this it turns out it is not at all and not always, but there are places in which such a vacation will definitely succeed.

So, the top places for a quiet holiday and for the soul:

  • The Cotswolds is a small hilly area located in England. There is no hustle and bustle of the city, but there are stunning landscapes and not spoiled by man nature. This is the most real rural England with animals grazing peacefully on the meadows, small quaint rural houses, simple and good-natured people. You can feel like a character of the old novel, walking through the old places of the town and visiting the residence of the prince himself.
  • In Austria there is Burgenland, which is the main wine-growing region. The climate and atmosphere are ideal not only for the maintenance of huge vineyards, but also for peace and quiet rest: the sun does not go behind the clouds for almost three hundred days a year, there are no roads, there are few people, the air is fresh and clean, the nature is amazing.What else is needed for relaxation?
  • Estonia is famous for its unhurriedness, and the island of Muhu is an additional confirmation of this. Estonians consider this place to be the most private and quiet, and you can get maximum pleasure from nature and a relaxing atmosphere. On the island there are ancient mills, small fishing villages, stables. For tourists and visitors there is a hotel, where you can taste local cuisine and take a horse ride.
  • Lofoten Islands - belonging to the territory of Norway archipelago, located in the north-west of the country. And this is an ideal place for recuperation and peace of mind, as well as rest from everyday fuss. Fishermen’s houses are located on the coast, and in some of them you can comfortably stay for a night or a few days. You will certainly be enchanted by the scenic views, and the lover of fishing will be able to rejoice at the excellent bite and good catch. By the way, from May to June the polar day lasts here.
  • Connoisseurs of ecotourism will certainly appreciate all the advantages of the Beara Peninsula, located in the south-west of Ireland. This unique quiet place crosses the Wild Atlantic Route, which is considered the longest route (total length - about 2.5 thousand kilometers).Especially memorable landscapes magnificent sea coast.
  • In Scotland there is the North-Scottish Highlands, including ridges and plateaus. And in the northwestern highlands you can find the small village of Torridon, surrounded by majestic hills and located near the picturesque lake of the same name. There are very few inhabitants here, so peace and quiet are provided. And yet you can get a true aesthetic pleasure: nature fascinates and evokes delight.
  • There is also a quiet place for spiritual rest in Russia - the city of Plyos with stunning natural landscapes and numerous beautiful churches. It occupies the territory on the banks of the Volga and is included in the list of historical settlements of federal significance. Connoisseurs of painting should definitely find time to visit the house-museum of Levitan with his worthy works.
  • If you are lucky enough to visit Uruguay, then by all means go to Garzon. This small village in the south-east of the country is located relatively close to the capital, so it is easy to get to it. Here people will be able to enjoytired of the noise and seeking solitude and peace of mind.
  • In Holland, there is a small village Giethoorn, in which there are no roads and cars, but there is a beautiful nature. Another name for the place is "The Dutch Venice", and it was given not by chance: the entire territory is intersected by numerous canals, through which local residents move on small boats. A measured life, an atmosphere of tranquility and the cleanest air create a feeling of movement in a completely different era.
  • Canadian Lake Moraine. Once on it, you just zamlete from the opened beauties of untouched nature and shrill silence reigning here. The morning mist of the mist will envelop you, the majestic mountains will make you bow, and the azure of the water will delight. A mixture of calm colors and special air will give a lot of impressions and will become a balm for the soul.
  • Located in the US Grand Canyon, although known throughout the world and popular with tourists, still continues to be a calm, secluded and quiet place. First of all, it will impress the scale that will make you believe that all people are just small grains of sand in the vast world, as if lost in space.Once here for the first time, many realize the value of important things, reconsider their views on life. The atmosphere is impressive, inspiring and inspiring.
  • Jiuzhaigou Valley in China. After visiting here, you can enjoy a stunning and fantastical, fantastic nature, delight in the riot and variety of colors, try to discover the secular secrets of this amazing place, to be surprised by the transparency and pure blue of the diamond-crystal waters of local lakes, to consider the local fauna and flora. All this guarantees solitude, long-awaited peace of mind and peace.

If you are tired of the noise and want to relax your soul, then you should go to one of these places.

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