Instead of advertising in the London Underground now ... seals

One of the London Underground stations (or more precisely Clapham Common) turned into an unusual photo gallery for two weeks, where all advertising stands, posters and even the doors of the turnstiles depicted ... cats.

The Invasion of Fuzzies is the work of the creative team Glimpse, which attracts funds for creative social projects, the first of which was Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (abbreviated as CATS). It is surprising that the organizers managed to collect the necessary amount of 23,000 pounds sterling (almost 2 million rubles) to replace the advertisement in the metro in the photographs of cats. What for? It's simple: “Isn't it great not to think about a vacation that you cannot afford, or to buy a car that you don't need?”, Say the activists and volunteers who took part in the project. Glimpse admits that at first glance an idea may seem silly and useless. But in fact, behind the "cat propaganda" is something more: "Instead of thinking about shopping, think about something really valuable.Not necessarily about cats, but certainly not about what can be bought in the store. "

Video posted by London's Best (@londonsbest_com)Sep 12 2016 at 11:22 am PDT

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In addition, the project not only improves the mood of passengers, but can also help many cats to find a home, because most of the photos show animals from shelters and nurseries.

Ah, we also do not mind one morning to go down in the subway and get to work in such a wonderful company!

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