In Madame Tussauds, a wax figure of Megan Markle appeared.

One of the main attractions of London, along with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, is Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, created two hundred years ago. All members of the royal family, of course, have long been exhibits of the museum, and the other day his exposition has been replenished with another figure - Megan Markle, who now flaunts next to her future husband, Prince Harry. Another official gesture of recognition from the stiff British, whom Megan can rightly be proud of!

The fact that the museum staff engaged in the creation of a wax copy of Markl, it was announced in March. A little later, the exhibit (though in a slightly different version) will appear in the New York branch of the museum, and on the official website it is already promised that until the day of the marriage ceremony Megan and Harry all the namesake of the newlyweds will receive the right of free visit. Despite the fact that the "mini-Megan" immediately found ubiquitous critics, who meticulously statedthat she is “far from the present and in general looks rather strange”, it’s impossible not to admit that the actress is much more similar to herself than, for example, the wax Duchess Catherine (and even more so Prince William - whom you don’t exactly recognize at first glance).

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