If the husband is a gamer


Ideal people do not exist. But you met a man, fell in love, relationships develop, the shortcomings of the second half are not visible. He does not smoke, does not drink, does not swear, does not stare at the long-legged beauties. But when you start living together, it turns out that he likes to play on the computer. But not in unpretentious toys in social networks, but specifically sits in front of the monitor for several hours, and sometimes at night. What if the husband is a gamer? Is it a dependency, is it necessary to consult a doctor?

If the husband is a gamer

What is such an innocent occupation, like computer games. Any five-year-old kid fucks in races or shooters, and then an adult man. But it was not there. Gambling is the same addiction as alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco smoking, treatment is required.

It's okay if the time of the game ends in 2-3 hours, but when it lasts 5 or more hours, some people manage to play day and night without sleep and rest. In these moments, a person turns into an evil monster. If you approach him, distract him, try to attract his attention, he will show aggression. In advanced cases, it comes to beatings.

When the spouses have been married for a long time, it is possible that the husband’s long sitting at the computer will delight his wife. You have no conversations, harassment, quarrels and reproaches, you can take care of yourself, enjoy the peace and quiet. But for young couples just starting to arrange their life, this problem is unlikely to seem pleasant.If the husband is a gamer

I want my beloved to pay more attention, kiss, hug. Instead, he watches the screen for hours and angrily knocks his fist on the table at the slightest failure in the game.

How gambling develops

In the era of technology, dependence on computer games is manifested not only in children, but also in the older generation. The mechanism of action is similar to that of other dependent people. The impact occurs on the center of pleasure in the brain, a person feels a surge of strength, joy, pleasant sensations. It all starts pretty well, an hour or two games. But the plot gradually delays, passions simmer, there is a desire to make more and more feats in the game. Therefore, the time before the computer increases, I want a dose of more and more. Gradually, the game turns into the meaning of life. Try to tear the gamers away from the game for at least a couple of hours, he will feel a break.


The causes of gambling have a social and psychological nature. Consider them:

Loneliness. Man is a social being. He needs to communicate. Not always due attention and understanding is given by family, loved ones, therefore, to escape from painful thoughts, a person finds solace in games.
Dissatisfaction with life. Lack of work worthy of earning, still any important things for a person burdens, makes him unhappy. In life, he is a loser, but being in a virtual world is a winner. After playing, to win is easier than living a real life.
Excitement. Computer games are not comparable to the casino. Here you do not get a big jackpot, but there is excitement, you want to get more, to win more often.If the husband is a gamer
Genetics. Some people are genetically predisposed to addiction: addiction, smoking, alcohol and even gambling, it's passed from father or from mother to the child.
Mental disorders. Scientists have noticed that those people who have ever been treated by a psychiatrist or are on a regular basis have psychological disorders, they are more predisposed to gambling addiction.
Sexual dissatisfaction.When a man is not satisfied with sex or is absent altogether, but he does not want to cheat on his wife, then computer games come to the rescue. They cause the release of endorphins - the hormone of happiness. It becomes an "orgasm replacement."
Immaturity. Some people seem to remain in adolescence, the years go by, and the psychology and thinking do not change. Such a person is not ready for a serious life, therefore he finds solace in games.


Gambling leads to a renunciation of reality. A person is completely immersed in virtuality, he is not interested in the outside world. All his wishes are connected with his favorite game. What symptoms of gambling addiction need to be treated:

Regular check for game updates. Usually, games are synchronized with e-mail, which regularly receives email alerts about updates to the game, updates to technology, etc. But a dependent person checks this even without incoming alerts — just in case, the letter was suddenly delayed on the way or went to spam.
Increased time spent at the computer. It all started well. An hour or two games and that's enough. Gradually, this time is increasing, it is already up to 5 hours, and there it is not far and 10.This is especially true for non-working individuals. And why look for a job when it's so interesting at home? Some manage to play for days, forgetting about food, sleep and other physiological needs. Not to mention his beloved wife, children, relatives, friends.
Cash spending to improve the game. At first he invested some 200 rubles, then 500, and up to half of the family budget there.
Mood shifts. Games are a source of positive emotions, therefore, when they are available, a dependent person is happy, having fun. But when there is no opportunity to play, relax, irritability, aggression, discontent with others appear.
Not paying attention to anything around. Husband gamer sits staring at the screen, and hears no sound around, because his whole eyes are turned to interesting fun. A wife can walk near naked, scream, knock a griddle on the table - zero emotion.
Aggression. During the game, the addict is completely immersed in the atmosphere of virtual reality. But one has only to distract him, as a grimace of anger, anger appears on his face. In especially neglected cases, even battling is used. Therefore, if your husband is a gamer with experience, be careful.
Unwillingness to do anything other than games. Favorite game - this is the only activity that pleases an addicted person. No domestic affairs he can not afford, and go to the grocery store - the prerogative of his wife.
Lack of daily routine. And how can you build a day when there are so many virtual cases on the nose?
Lack of communication with friends and family. Personal meetings gradually fade away, even calls stop. A gamer does not have real friends, all his communication is reduced to forums of interests or in a game chat.
Refusal of hygienic procedures, neglect of their own appearance, health. Constant games at the computer lead to the fact that a person ceases to take care of himself. What for? No one sees him, he no longer appears on the street. There is only a wife who still tolerates such a life. An overgrown face, a fat, drooping belly, crumbs on a beard, a dirty body - these are the signs of a dependent gamer.

There are also physical manifestations of dependence on computer games:

Painful sensations in the joints, spine, arms arise from constant sitting on the chair and fixing the arms on the mouse.
Headaches, migraines - the effects of computer radiation, constant eye fatigue.
Constant drowsiness and chronic fatigue.
Insomnia, restless sleep.
Reduced immunity, frequent colds.

Treatment gamers

Not always a simple conversation with your family will be effective to get rid of the addict gamers. In advanced and complex cases, you should contact a psychotherapist for a course of treatment.If the husband is a gamer

When physiological degenerative disorders are added to psychological dependence, in this case, the help of a psychologist alone is insufficient. Consultation of a neurologist, chiropractor, oculist, therapist is necessary.

Measures to rid the native of gambling addiction should not be radical. If you throw a disc with the game or forbid your husband to leave the house, put an ultimatum, most likely it will not lead to anything good. And even the opposite. The gamer will oppose even more, show aggression, try to commit suicide, blackmail. Therefore, in order for psychological treatment to work, it is worthwhile to act very gently and correctly.

The family psychotherapy has a positive effect on the whole family. She is good in the event that relatives do not understand the problem. Then the doctor will tell you the methods of exposure, behavior, words that are now necessary for the patient. You can go to the reception all together, but if you do not want your husband to know that you are also attending a doctor, do not tell him about it.

Remember that gambling is a dependence, a disease, it is impossible to turn away from a person in this case. You have to help him, because you will not leave your husband, if he gets the flu, you will take all measures to heal him. Do the same in the case of gambling, help your loved one to return to the family happy and healthy person.

If you understand that your husband is a gamer, immediately contact a specialist for help. Otherwise, the irreparable will happen, your family may collapse.

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