How to write a letter to Santa Claus, mailing address

Writing letters to Santa Claus asking for a present is a responsible and important matter. In any case, so sincerely believe the senders of these same letters are kids. Adults can also join this exciting activity. Moreover, who, if not you, will tell the little dreamer the correct postal address of a good, bearded old man.

The most reliable and accurate postal addresses of Santa Claus

How to write a letter to Santa Claus: important points

Before you start writing to Grandfather Frost and asking him about gifts, it is worth discussing some nuances with your baby.

  1. Gift. What kind of gift will be "on the shoulder" fabulous old man? After all, in the end it will have to buy you, so think: maybe you should dissuade the child from expensive gadgets, tilting him in the direction of a more affordable, and more useful gift. For example, a good book, a bicycle, new clothes or shoes, a backpack and so on. If the child is still small - an interesting toy is an interesting toy.
  2. Behavior and achievements over the past year.Grandfather Frost should definitely tell about his behavior and what was achieved last year. Therefore, remember together all those moments in which you were proud of your child.
  3. Mailing address. It should be remembered that the address of the New Year's bearded - a lot, his residence scattered around the world. Only in Russia, Santa Claus has at least three "snow" apartments. It is better to get acquainted with these data just by going to the Internet.

The most reliable and accurate postal addresses of Santa Claus

How to write a letter to Santa Claus: a sample

There is a certain pattern according to which it will be easy and simple to write a letter even to the smallest one.

  1. Greeting (fabulous old man, like any other elderly person, appreciates politeness very much)
  2. From whom is the letter, how old is the child where does the child live (this is the data for Grandfather Frost just to know that the gift was delivered to the right place)
  3. Enumeration of his achievements last year (here the kid can indicate that he behaved well, helped and obeyed his parents, began to learn foreign languages, learned to swim, does exercises, etc.)
  4. Polite request for a gift, with a specific indication of what I would like to find under the Christmas tree (we remind you, the old man loves the polite kids very much!)
  5. Farewell and wish a happy New Year (even if for the old man the New Year holidays are not a rest at all, but a responsible work - he will be pleased to receive wishes of good health, good luck and happiness from the kid)

The most reliable and accurate postal addresses of Santa Claus

Mailing addresses of Santa Claus

All small residents of Russia are well aware of the exact coordinates of finding a real grandfather, which brings New Year's fun and gifts.

62340, Russia, Vologda region, the city of Veliky Ustyug, the house of Santa Claus.

The most reliable and accurate postal addresses of Santa Claus

However, the good bearded have a few representative offices. For example, in Moscow, in the Kuzminsky forest.

And the international residence of the fairy bearded man is: Finland, 96930, Arctic Circle

There is a fabulous grandfather and their sites.

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