How to wear a necklace with diamonds and in the feast and in the world

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

These cult, recognizable and such gorgeous stones miraculously make our everyday life shine so that you don’t even get very upset that before the summer it’s not so close. You will find hundreds of opinions on the subject of perfect design for diamond jewelry, and they will certainly be contradictory: someone likes a romantic floral design, someone is looking for cutting-edge forms, and someone is so trendy today kitsch and expression. Diamonds are capable of everything with only one condition: they adore being the protagonists of jewelry and do not tolerate competition. In the below listed necklaces, diamonds have no equal, they are the center of the universe of these jewelry and your integral shiny part. You can choose the size: 1 or 0.5 carats, and a thin gold chain with a Japanese lock can be pulled down harder and you can wear jewelry not only as a necklace, but also as a choker.

Long dress + trench

This image is inspired by the collections of the Olsen sisters for their fashion label The Row.Long dresses and coats to the floor - The Row brand things, reflecting the concept of the brand: an adult aristocratic elegance for people who are no longer interested in the race for trends. What obviously implies the presence of expensive accessories and jewelry.

How to wear a necklace with diamonds and in the feast and in the world

Zara Dress (1 999 rub.)necklace SL, pink gold, diamond (order)Mango trench coat (13 999 rub.)Topshop Loafers (£ 49)

Leather suit + turtleneck

We more than once sang the praises of trouser suits and come back to them again, but then we came across a “rare bird” - not a typical duet of trousers and a jacket, but a pair of leather pants and the same leather jacket-leather jacket. The shade, by the way, is also unique to the impossibility - a dark red brick or an overripe garnet as a non-trivial variation on a dark red color.

How to wear a necklace with diamonds and in the feast and in the world

Jacket-jacket Mango (9 999 rub.)turtleneck Stradivarius (1,299 rub.)necklace SL, white gold, diamond (order)Mango leather trousers (15 999 rub.)Uterque shoes (9 990 rub.)

Fitted vest + flared pants

This silhouette is adored by designers: the waist is underlined by a belt, an elegant V-neckline protrudes at the site of the neckline, and trousers that extend downward make the legs literally endless. You can play with colors or stop at trouble-free black and beige colors.And no less trouble-free diamonds with gold.

How to wear a necklace with diamonds and in the feast and in the world

Venus Vest ($ 20)necklace SL, white gold, diamond (order); ; Pull and Bear backpack (1 999 rub.)Public Desire Josephine riveted mules (2,290 rubles)

Blazer Dress

"Friday, evening" is equal to the brilliance - urban night lights, sequins on dresses and highlights from the disco ball on the dance floor. There are only two logical scenarios: either you make plans beforehand, and then you add brilliance to them, or you wear the most glittering outfit with diamonds available, and then the party will arrange itself.

How to wear a necklace with diamonds and in the feast and in the world

Zara Blazer Dress (6 999 rub.)necklace SL, white gold, diamond (order)Sophia Webster sandals (£ 342)

Denim Jumpsuit

Denim and diamonds in the same company no one cause any emotion to surprise. And by the way, they have much more in common than it seems: new materials appear, different types of gemstones come into fashion, and worthy competitors have never appeared to either denim or diamonds - they are absolute winners in their niche.

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