How to wear a moonstone?

- these are amazing decorations. They are able to improve health, image, bring good luck to life and love. If you wear stones incorrectly, you can, on the contrary, worsen life positions.

Choosing the future owner is looking for "his" option that suits him directly. Take into account:

  • Zodiac sign;
  • Number and year of birth;
  • Name.

After finding "his" mascot, the owner feels easy and comfortable. Otherwise, it is not even worth buying this stone. Today we will talk about the Moonstone - about this mysterious, unusual and enchanting look mineral.

Moonstone is rare. It is also called Adulare, as the mineral was first discovered on Mount Adula in Switzerland. This feldspar with shining blue overflow and mysterious shine. The moonstone has a thin plate structure, and that is why, when looking at the mineral, we see such amazing pearl shimmer.

The magical properties of Adulara

It is believed that Adulyar is credited with strong magical properties since ancient times.Wizards (or psychics in a new way) were afraid of the strength and impact of the mineral. Many believed that Moonstone selects magical power.

At full moon, the stone acquires a transmissive color with a bluish tinge.

The moon crystal during this period becomes cold, even ice. Because of this ability to reincarnate, magical properties are attributed to him.

But only minerals were afraid of this mineral. The rest of the people wanted to buy Adulyar for themselves, since they believed that the stone would bring good luck, health and well-being. It was such a belief that a person who wore a Moonstone would necessarily look at himself of the opposite sex. In general, Adular was worn by unmarried girls.

Moonstone helps the wearer to cope with:

  1. Annoying quarrels;
  2. Disputes, misunderstandings to surrounding people;
  3. Evil charms, damage, evil looks;
  4. And even lightning strikes.

This sensual mineral helps to awaken the creative person to create true masterpieces, and to attract good luck from the gambling lover.

The magical power to the full Moonstone gives a full moon. At this time, the incidents are on the spot: negative mood and anger pass, giving way to the joy of being, euphoria and reverie.

How to wear a moonstone?

Silver pendant with moonstone and cubic zirconia, SL;silver earrings with moonstone and cubic zirconia, SL;gold ring with moonstone and cubic zirkonia, SL (prices on links)

Moonstone Healing Power

Mineral can help get rid of various ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, remove unnecessary toxins from the body and rid the body of excess fluid. Cells of the body are regenerated and help the liver and pancreas to recover.

The moonstone is a female talisman that helps people of the weaker sex to successfully conceive a child, endure, and then safely give birth to a child. In men, with the help of Adulara, the emotional essence is revealed. Old books on medicine say that this mineral was used in ancient times to prevent epilepsy and seizures.

How to buy a moonstone, not a synthetic fake

It is regrettable to note, but in the current world, every thing is faked. Moonstone is no exception. To distinguish between a natural copy, follow some rules:

  1. Look at the color of the mineral. Bright overflows are absent, as a natural Adulyar looks less attractive than a fake;
  2. Look at the Moonstone at a right angle - if there is no blue tint, then it is not a fake. Due to its structure, the crystal reflects light only at a small angle - 13-15˚. And the synthetic material has the same shade at an angle from 15 to 90 degrees;
  3. Another way to check the naturalness of the crystal is to clamp Adular in the palm of your hand. If it does not heat up within a minute, then it is a natural version of the Moonstone, because it is a cold mineral.

Wearing a Moonstone is necessary correctly

Already by one name it is clear that the Moonstone went from the name of the Earth’s satellite - the Moon. It protects fish, crayfish and scorpions. Representatives of these signs wear the Moonstone as an amulet, which protects its masters from evil thoughts and actions.

It eliminates a person from negative energy and helps to alleviate internal anxiety.

No extra information about the Moonstone:

  • Monday is the day of the moon, so people who were born that day can get such an amulet.
  • with the help of Adular, one can develop in oneself psychic abilities and clairvoyance. But you can not use his fire signs of the zodiac, which include the ram, the lion and the archer.
  • for people with a stormy temperament, the Moonstone will be very useful due to the fact that it suppresses harsh flashes of indignation and rage. Melancholics, on the contrary, should stay away from the mineral.
  • Carrying the Moonstone should be on the growing Moon - this will ensure the full manifestation of the positive qualities of the mineral. If you put it on the waning moon, then the crystal will be powered by the energy of its owner.

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