How to properly wear a condom?

How to properly wear a condom?

How to properly wear a condom?

How to wear a condom



Every day, young people are showing increasing interest in sex life. But, unfortunately, information about the sexual sphere is not too widespread in the media, on television. These questions are not so easy to learn from parents, relatives. Young men have to find their sources of information. But if a girl does not want you, then read the article on why women do not want men.


Sex should not only bring pleasure, but also be safe. Yes, many guys claim to have great sexual experience, are popular with girls, but this is far from the case. Many of them have not even seen a condom, so during the first sexual intercourse they may get confused and start to panic. What does it threaten with? Due to uncertainty, confusion, a person begins to fear absolutely everything. This will affect the formation of an absolute personality and worldview. Moreover, global tragedies often arise from such small problems.


Instructions - how to wear a condom.


Before getting acquainted with the use of condoms in detail, we advise you to consider the properties of each option:


  1. Before starting sex you need to put a contraceptive in any convenient place. For example, on a chair or a pillow. Just do not need to open it, smell, try to pour water, because after such actions it can not be used even for the most primitive sexual acts.
  2. When you already feel that you are fully excited, be sure to tell the girl that you want to wear a condom. You need to open the box only with your own hands, not with a knife with piercing objects, because you can damage it
  3. When the condom in your hands do not need to be afraid. The main thing is to act. The condom needs to be dressed the right way in one hand, hold the penis, and the second try to pull the air reservoir of the condom, while the head should be naked. When you have already put the condom to the head, then try to roll it a little bit to the base of your sexual organ.


After you have completed all the above steps, you can proceed to the main task. Everything must be done without pain, so that each partner can enjoy.

We hope that after reading our article, you can become familiar with the use of a condom, its properties and protective function, they are able to protect you and your partner from infection and premature pregnancy.

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