How to use tweezers?

To make the look more expressive, you can not only lengthen the cilia, but also curl them using tweezers. But for the results to please, it is important to choose the right device and use it correctly.

How to make a choice?

How to choose eyelash curler? We should pay attention to several important points:

  • The working surface is two parts that will capture the cilia and curl them. They should be wide enough to cover the cilia throughout the eyelid, not part of it. But using too wide tweezers is not very convenient to use, so it is important to find a middle ground. Note that the work surface must be rubberized. Rubber strips provide effective capture, but at the same time protect the cilia from damage. Such strips should be smooth and smooth. In addition, the clamp should have a smooth natural bend, repeating the contours of the eye.Only in this case, the cilia will look natural, and the procedure will be harmless and effective.
  • The body, that is, the main part. It is best to choose metal tongs, they will last a long time. The plastic is lighter, but less durable, so that the plastic tweezers can quickly break down.
  • Pens. They should be comfortable. Narrow ringlets can rub fingers, so it is better to give preference to a wider one.
  • There are also special thermal pliers that work on batteries or on the mains, heat up and provide a more effective and faster curl. This option is more convenient, but using this device too often is not recommended.
  • The presence of springs. It will control the compression ratio even with the maximum pressure, and this will protect your cilia from damage. Not all tweezers have such an element, but it is better to choose a model with a spring.
  • Some forceps have spare rubber bands.

How to use?

How to use tweezers?

  1. First, it is recommended to heat the clamp slightly with a hair dryer or hot water.
  2. Now bring the clip to the eyelid and fix it at the roots of the eyelashes, but not too close to the skin, otherwise you will damage the eyelid.
  3. Now slowly and gently squeeze the forceps, but not too hard, so as not to damage the eyelashes. Hold this position literally for 6-10 seconds so that the eyelashes will remember and keep their shape.
  4. If the cilia are long, then force the forceps to their middle and squeeze them for 10 seconds again. You can also move to the very edge and repeat the manipulation again.
  5. Now you can start applying mascara.

How to care for tweezers?

For tweezers to last a long time, and the perm was safe and effective, follow some rules of care:

  • After each curl, wipe the clamp with antibacterial wet wipes to avoid infection in the eyes.
  • Periodically assess the state of the gum. If they are damaged, replace the instrument with a new one.
  • It is advisable to keep the tweezers in a special case and put them there after each procedure.
  • Handle the device carefully so as not to break it.

Is it harmful?

The constant and too frequent use of forceps is quite harmful, especially if they heat up. So it is better to give the cilia "rest", otherwise they will become brittle and weak.To avoid this, regularly strengthen them using special care products or oil (olive, castor, flax or burdock).

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  • If you want to achieve the effect of cat's eyes, the cilia growing in the middle, bend upward, and located at the outer corner of the eyelash is better to bend slightly to the side (to the temple) and up, that is, diagonally.
  • Do not rush and do not make sudden movements.
  • Do not curl wet eyelashes, they will not keep shape.
  • Perming should be done before applying makeup, and not after it, as the mascara makes the eyelashes brittle and rigid.
  • You should not conduct thermal perm too often. So heat the tweezers not every time, but once or twice a week.
  • Be prepared for the fact that the first time the waving may not succeed. To achieve the best results, practice.
  • Do not start perm if you are in a hurry or are not in the best mood.
  • If you have round eyes, then it is worth curling the cilia only slightly.
  • It is important not to overdo it, because too curled eyelashes look ridiculous.
  • If the cilia are very short, then it is worth curling them not in length several times,but only at the roots and once.
  • Do not heat the clips too much, you risk to burn eyelashes and burn the tender skin of the eyelid.

Good luck!

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