How to use the tablet?

Tablets, along with smartphones, have long been one of the most common gadgets. And if the functionality of the smartphone, with all the technical capabilities and computing power, is focused on a fairly narrow niche, the scope of the possible use of tablet computers is almost limitless.

Most manufacturers position their tablets as devices for playing various multimedia content, for example, books, music, films, photos, and as communicators for communication on the Internet. This is what most users do, using only a small part of the potential of tablet computers.

Wikimart - provides an opportunity to see the characteristics in order to use the device according to its power, which is almost as good as an entry-level computer. Moreover, with the help of available programs, accessories, you can expand its capabilities to infinity.

One obvious use of such devices is navigation.Tablets with a screen of 10 inches are more convenient as a car or pedestrian navigator than specialized devices. First, the screen is larger and more convenient to use, and secondly, a large number of navigation programs, maps allows you to choose the best option.

Tablet PC can be used as a digital photo frame. The ease of downloading photos, the ability to quickly make a slide show with the necessary special effects on the tablet can not be compared with the exhausting similar process on the photo frames. You can quickly share a good snapshot with friends or post it on social networks.

Tablet perfectly serves as a personal organizer. Alarm clock with a favorite tune, a list of necessary tasks, mail - all in one device. Simple, convenient and practical.

Convenient, useful feature tablets - use them as a second monitor for a computer or laptop. Of course, a 10-inch diagonal screen cannot be called a full-fledged monitor. But to connect it to display news, skype, chat is a very good solution. So you can get rid of the need to constantly switch between programs and respond to messages in a timely manner.

The most important advantage of tablet computers is that they replace a lot of specialized devices (camera, USB flash drive, modem, notepad), and their cost cannot be compared with the price of a set of gadgets that modern people usually carry.

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