How to use antiseptic beneficial oils

You will need
  • - aroma lamp;
  • - aromaculon.
Distinguish between natural essential oils and vegetable oils, which are obtained by cold pressing. Both those, and others possess an individual set of various properties, including bactericidal and antiseptic. Essential oils are highly concentrated natural plant extracts with a rich persistent aroma, obtained by the methods of steam distillation or cold pressed. In addition to antiseptic properties, they have a strong effect on the human body.
Vegetable oils or, as they are called in aromatherapy, base oils are obtained by cold pressing from seeds, grains, nuts of plants. They have either a light sweetish nutty flavor, or no smell at all. Base oils should be chosen based on how well the oil suits you and what effect you expect from using it.
Carefully select essential and base oils. The use of undiluted essential oils, improper dosage and combinations, as well as the use of unsuitable ready-made herbal remedies can be the appearance of irritation on the skin and other allergic reactions. To avoid such effects, first test for sensitivity to oils and, if possible, consult an aromatherapist physician before using them.
If you wish to use these tools yourself, purchase only natural essential and base oils. They are sold in pharmacies. On the label in the name of the oil must be present the word "natural" and not "cosmetic". There are high-purity essential oils for sale, they can be consumed inside, strictly following the dosage. Base oils, such as olive, sesame, linseed, can also be purchased at regular grocery stores. Pay attention to shelf life.
Carefully read the instructions. There is always information on how you can use the oil you bought and combine it with other means.Please note that not all properties may be indicated in the instructions. Due to the unique composition of each oil and the state of your body, the dosage may be different.
In the preparation of mixtures do not forget that in the formulations of essential oils are measured by drops, and the base - in tablespoons.Oils can be used in oil burners, which must be purchased separately. The principle of their work is based on the spread of aromas in the air as a result of their heating.
Use the aromacolon. It should be worn under clothing throughout the day, burying it with only one drop of precious oil. In addition to the pleasant smell, selected individually, it will protect you from malicious microbes.
Essential oils are used in cold and hot inhalations, wraps, massages. They can be inhaled for several minutes directly from the vial, diluted either with water or alcohol, or base oil and applied to the area requiring treatment. The bath with the addition of these wonderful natural remedies has a wonderful effect.

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