How to use a breathalyzer?

The times and customs of modern society are such that at any moment you need to be ready for anything. In life, there can often be various unforeseen situations in which you may need to use your pocketbreathalyzer Timely useit will allow you not only to effectively defend against the unreasonable attacks of a GDDH employee who is eager to get you drunk driving money, but also to detect various consequences of taking so-called “soft drinks” or control the consequences of your cheerful pastime in the company of your son's friends teenager.

Today there are many different brands of breathalyzers available at a cost to a person with an average level of wealth. However, there are practically no differences in the way of using one or another model. Determining the level of alcohol in the blood is the main purpose for which all breathalyzers are used.The test person’s blood alcohol level is measured by blowing out exhaled air (saturated with ethyl alcohol vapor) through a special mouthpiece (or inlet on some models) located in the instrument case. Having brought the mouthpiece to your lips, you should get as much air as possible into your lungs and make the strongest possible exhalation lasting 6-8 seconds. Only in this case, you can guarantee that you will receive an accurate measurement of results, which will give your breathalyzer. This device will give a loud beep to confirm that you have done everything correctly. More from you no action is required.

When you test for alcohol, the air you exhale goes into the tester, where it comes into contact with various electrical or chemical sensors (their type depends on the specific model of the device), which will record and process the data, displaying the test result on the monitor with which the breathalyser is equipped. This device is used very easily, and the whole process of test execution and result processing takes less than a minute to complete. Many breathalyzers,such as ALCOHUNTER PROFESSIONAL able to work in energy-saving mode and at very high air temperatures, which absolutely does not affect their obtaining the most accurate results, so you can always count on their timely use in any non-standard situations.

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