How to update your old wardrobe

If you are faced with the “nothing to wear” problem, first try to sort through all the clothes in your wardrobe. Maybe you just forgot about some little thing or do not know what and how you can connect and thereby create a new outfit or image for yourself.

Things that will not bring you any benefit, put up for sale or donate to someone. Lay out the remaining clothes in sets, this will help you to orient what you will wear in the evening and what you wear in the afternoon; that in the cold season, and that in the warm season.

If you feel sorry for throwing some clothes, then you should not do that. Why throw away things that are practically not worn, why throw away your favorite things, or those that just do not fit you. You have the opportunity to continue to wear them, using the services of a seamstress, which will solve all your problems. It is enough just to decide what you want to fix and clothes to turn into your dream, becoming a novelty in the wardrobe.

If some clothes have become to you no longer in size, then you can always adjust them on the figure and continue to wear.

Any thing you can give a completely new look, if you add any element - make embroidery, appliqué, sew sequins or rhinestones.

Changing the length of clothes, you can get something new in your wardrobe. For example, from a dress you can make a blouse, blouse or top; from jeans - shorts or breeches, and the long sleeve of any clothing easily turns into a short, three-quarters, or is removed at all.

Thus, you solve the problem of "nothing to wear" and give a second life to your favorite things. If you use these tips correctly, you can easily update your wardrobe, saving a lot of money.

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