How to trim the corridor

Start repairthe corridorwith the removal of old paint, wallpaper, flooring. Clean the surfaces of the walls, ceiling and floor to a concrete base. To completely remove the old wallpaper, pre-wet them, then they will be removed easily. If wooden floors are cracked, completely dismantle them.
If you plan to finish the corridor with porcelain stoneware or artificial stone, pre-level the floors with a thick layer of cement screed. After the glue has completely dried, lay the floor tile on a special compound. Choose materials so that the color and pattern of the floor tile harmonize in tone with the decorative stone that will be used to finish the walls. Decorative stone fits perfectly into the style of any room and is in harmony with all other finishing materials.
Wall panels made of crushed natural wood or plastic are very popular in the decoration of corridors and hallways. Their sizes are very convenient, so even a person who does not have much experience can mount such panels.This option is also good because you don’t need to level the walls to install the panels - they are able to mask even very noticeable irregularities. Their only drawback is that they are not very suitable for small apartments, since they are mounted on a batten.
When the hallway and the corridor are quite narrow, you can recommend decorative plaster. It can be applied to the wall without pre-treatment and give it a different interesting texture: a wooden wall, corroded by a bark beetle, a rubbed stone. In the store on the model you will pick up the desired tone of the mixture of any color. In addition, this coating is easy to clean using conventional means and is very durable.
In the case when you decided to put tile on the floor, consider the option with “warm floor”. This will allow not only to create comfort as soon as you enter the house, but also conveniently, since wet shoes, forgotten at night, will be already dry by the morning.

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