How to transfer money abroad in 2018

You will need
  • - passport;
  • - cash (possible in rubles);
  • - visits to the nearest point of payment.
Choose a system whose services you prefer to use. The value may be the price of services (as a rule, a fixed percentage of the payment amount, but there may be upper and lower thresholds, say, at least $ 15), the time after whichmoneywill be available to the recipient, the geography of the presence of the system (in which countries it is represented), the presence of restrictions on the issuance of the transfer (as a rule, there is enough country, but there may be narrower limits: city, and sometimes a specific address).
Contact the nearest point of payment acceptance of the selected system and inform about your desire to make a transfer.
Fill in the necessary papers and present the passport to the teller. The recipient is usually enough information such as his name and country of residence, sometimes the city. Name and surname must be written in Latin letters strictly as in the passport.If you have any doubts in the spelling, contact the recipient and clarify everything you need. After the operator has checked that the computer has been filled out correctly and entered the necessary information into the computer, go to the cashier and paymoney: transfer amount and commission of the system.
Get a cash receipt and a transfer control number from the cashier. Save these documents.
Control number inform the recipient. Give him the option of writing his first and last names in Latin letters - how you entered them into the documents for translation, report the amount to be handed to him and the name of the system through which the transfer was made. Ask the addressee to confirm that the transfer was issued to him.
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If we are not talking about such world-famous systems as Western Union and the like, do not be satisfied with information about their presence in the country of interest, coming only from the transfer operator itself. It will be more reliable if the recipient clarifies in his own country whether they know about the existence of this or that system and whether they work with it.

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