How to tie takes for a dog

To tie a dog for a small size, you will need no more than a skein of yarn, about 50-60 g. For the future headgear, choose a soft and pleasant-to-wear acrylic yarn in the same style as the main outfit. Today, on the Internet, you can find a large number of recommendations on how to dress a dog in spring and in other seasons, therefore, think in advance about optimal clothing for your pet.

Be sure to follow the garter stitch pattern (face loops only) on the circular needles No. 3 - this will allow you to accurately imagine the density of your knitting.

Start knitting beret for the dog from the bottom edge - the rim, the length of which is determined according to the finished knitted sample and the dog's head coverage.

Perform a detail 2 cm high and go to the stocking knitting (with the �face� of the canvas - the front loops, on the reverse side - the purl). For the formation of the main part of the headdress, double the number of thread arches on the working needle by running through each loop on the nakida (in the next circle, they are knitted with crossed back).Then from the �face� of the canvas make one increase after every fourth bow.

Tie a part of the desired height, periodically trying on a blank on the dog, and then proceed to tying the bottom of the beret for the dog. In the front circles, cut the canvas in the following sequence: once knit every fifth and sixth stitch; fourth and fifth; third and fourth. After that, knit together a pair of yarn arms, and pass the work yarn through the rest, cut a small �tail� and firmly pull off the top of the headdress.

The product can optionally provide a mischievous visor. For him, hook 18 links of the air chain and follow the straight and inverse columns without a single crochet, making a decrease at the end and the beginning of every second row. In order for the canvas to become rounded around the edges, symmetrically knit together a pair of posts. When the visor is formed, finish the work. You managed to tie a beret for a dog, it remains only to decorate it to your taste with embroidery, appliqué or pompon.

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