How to teach a child to walk on their own

Most kids start walking at the age of 11-12 months. And some people by this time are very successful in this activity and are able not only to walk independently without the support of adults, but also to run fast.


How to quickly teach a child to walk on their own



At first, the child begins to stand on his own legs, leaning on different interior decorations, then he walks, holding his little hands by his two hands, after a while he also relies on one hand. And then a miracle happens - your child takes the first tentative steps on his own. The magazine of useful tips has prepared an interesting article for you on how to properly teach a child to walk.


In order toteach the child to walkright and the first steps didn’t bring disappointment to the kid, you should try to eliminate injuries that the crumb can get during his walking exercises. After all, if the initial experience turns out to be unsuccessful and painful, the child most likely will not want to repeat it for a very long time and will again begin to crawl on all fours.Therefore, arrange the free space around the child, hide the sharp corners of the furniture under the special linings, remove from the floor carpets, paths and any items about which the child may stumble.


Be prepared for the fact that at first your child will often fall. Do not worry: all children go through this - and do not worry: the child is still too light, and his bones are flexible, so fractures occur extremely, very rarely. But during the fall a sense of balance develops, in the process of climbing the legs, muscles are trained. If the child fell, let him rise himself. Your reaction to his fall plays a huge educational role. The kid learns to cope with his difficulties. If you constantly help him, in the future he will constantly look back at you and expect your help. To make the process of learning to walk faster, encourage the child, support him, just do not lisp, talk to him in a normal tone.


The more often the child bruises, the faster it accumulates its own experience of knowing the world. Now he already knows how dangerous the corner from the dresser is and how painful it is when you pinch a finger with the door from the cabinet.The kid is learning, and it is natural. Your task during the independent learning of the child to walk - to exclude dangerous situations for the health and life of the baby. Of course, he can fall on the floor as much as he wants, but he should not be allowed to go up to the stairs, open windows, objects that can fall on the kid or injure him. Therefore, in no case, during training, do not leave it unattended! And thenteach a child to walk without injuryand health hazards will be difficult.


And finally, do not strive to quickly teach a child to walk on their own. First, the baby gets tired quickly. Secondly, his still unsteady legs grow stronger gradually and get used to completely bear the weight of the body not immediately. Do not listen to a girlfriend or neighbor who boasts that she taught her child to walk fast and he was already running for 11 months while your student is just starting to learn to walk. Remember: everything has its time, each child develops individually, some children learn to walk earlier, some later. Therefore, a little patience - and very soon your baby will also run.

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