How to take care of the pool in the country?

The pool at the cottage or house plot is great. But to swim in it was safe and comfortable, you need to follow some rules of care.


The most basic and obvious component of proper care for the pool is, of course, its cleaning. And it should be carried out in several stages, and there are different ways.

Trash removal

First of all, from the pool, standing on the street, you should remove all large debris, for example, fallen leaves in it, caught in the water of insects and so on. To do this, you can perform the following actions:

  • Use the net. You can buy it in a specialized or hardware store, and such a device perfectly removes large particles of contaminants.
  • The brush copes with a touch on not and pool walls
  • The vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove debris that has settled at the bottom.

Physical cleaning

Physical cleaning is done with filters, and there are three main types of such devices:

  1. Sand fill with quartz sand, which is used for filtration. Option budget and easy to maintain (rather regularly flush the device under the pressure of water). But the sand filter does not delay the smallest particles.
  2. Cartridge filters. In the case of the device fits several cartridges that trap pollution. They can either be periodically washed or replaced with new ones. This type is the most popular, since the price-quality ratio is optimal.
  3. Diatom filters are the most expensive, but at the same time the most effective ones, since they retain the smallest particles and provide a thorough cleaning. For filtration, shredded plankton shells, called diatomaceous earth, are used. But the disadvantages in addition to the cost include complex care. It is almost impossible to clean the filter completely, so that every one or two years you will have to change such equipment.

Chemical cleaning

So, how to properly care for the pool, so that not only there was no pollution, but also bacteria, fungi and other pathogens did not multiply? For this, chemical cleaning methods are used.

Applied funds are divided into several categories:

  • Disinfectant compositions are made on the basis of bromine, chlorine, as well as active oxygen. Chlorine is a rather aggressive substance with a specific odor. Bromine does not smell, but it costs much more. Preparations based on active oxygen are considered the most effective, safe and soft, but their cost is quite high.
  • Flocculants. Such substances help to eliminate cloudiness, that is, contamination consisting of the smallest particles that cannot be filtered. Flocculants react with them and literally glue them together, forming flakes with which the filter successfully copes.
  • Means for the destruction of silt and algae, as well as for preventing the flowering of water. If the water began to turn green, it means that plants have appeared in it. To destroy them and prevent the development will help funds on the basis of algaecides.

Tip: at home for the chemical cleaning of the pool, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Generally, specialized products based on it are sold, but some claim that the usual peroxide sold in pharmacies is also quite suitable.About 700-900 milliliters of a 30% aqueous solution of this antiseptic is required for one cubic meter of water.

Creating optimal conditions

Clear water is not enough, it should be suitable and comfortable for bathing, especially if among family members or relatives there are children, allergic people and people with skin diseases. And the main indicator of water quality is the level of its acidity, that is, pH. Its optimal values ​​are 7-7.5. To control the acidity, you should use a special device - pH meter. Measurements are made once a week.

But what if the figures differ from normal? If the pH is raised, then drugs that lower it should be used. If the level, on the contrary, is reduced, then additives are used to increase it. You can buy such tools in specialized stores.

Tip: to reduce the level of acidity, you can use regular baking soda. For a small capacity is enough for one or two packs. But to care for a large pool will require several kilograms of soda.


If the summer is over, then the pool must be removed. To do this, first drain all the water from it, then completely clean the inner and outer parts, then carefully dry the container and carefully fold it.Keep the pool better in a sealed package in a cool place.


Several useful recommendations that will help to make swimming in the pool comfortable, and care for him - more effective and simple:

  1. If you have installed a small pool for children, then you can simply change the water in it once every two or three days, then no chemicals will be needed. And do not forget to wash the product with each change of water.
  2. To keep the pool from getting too dirty, wash your feet before immersion, if they are dirty.
  3. If you come to the country house only for the weekend, then before leaving it is desirable to cover the pool. The cover must be included in the kit, but it can be purchased separately or made from improvised materials.
  4. When caring for an inflatable pool, it is important to minimize the risks of its damage, since even the slightest puncture can lead to a violation of the durability of the structure and pouring out all the water.

Take care of the pool correctly so that it lasts a long time, and it was nice to swim in it.

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