How to stop breastfeeding

Analyze readinessbabyto weaning. If the baby starts to miss feedingbreastfeedingeasily flirts and distracted, he is quite ready to stop breastfeeding.
Analyze the readiness of the mother to stop breastfeeding. If the feeling of fullness of the breast is present only after the first – second feeding pass, but then decreases and by itself passes, instead of milk, a small amount of liquid similar to colostrum is released, the woman does not experience strong unpleasant and painful sensations - she is also ready to stop feeding. In most cases, such a willingness to complete breastfeeding comes to 1.3–1.5 During this period, stop feedingbreastfeedingwill take place most painlessly as forbaby, and for his mom.
Ask someone who will stay with your child for this time to play with the baby as much as possible.The child should be surrounded by care and affection, and at the same time constantly busy.
When the mother returns, the child will most likely not even remember about breastfeeding. But if this happens, do not give the baby a breast. Tell him that there is no more milk.
Before bed, be sure to give the child a drink, but from a mug. Do not replace feedingbreastfeedingon the pacifier or pacifier. Otherwise, then we will have to weanbabyand from her.
For weaningbabychoose from the period from February to March or from September to October. This is the most favorable time for such an event, as in winter the likelihood of colds is increased, and in the summer - intestinal infections.
There are other ways of weaning.babyfrom the chest, but they are tougher. For example, some mothers breastfeed with brilliant green, eating garlic and the like. You should not resort to these methods, as they are the most traumatic for the psyche of the baby.
If you have nowhere to go or the situation does not allow, try to replace feeding first.babybreastfeedingbefore the daytime sleep, and then at night all sorts of recreational activities.At night, read a fairy tale to your child, give your favorite toy, and so on. Thus, with the full readiness of the child and the female body to stop breastfeeding, this process may well go smoothly for both.

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