How to spend graduation in grade 11

So the carefree school time ends, the passing of entrance examinations to higher educational institutions and a memorable graduation party ahead are simply necessary before leaving for adulthood. Children will remember this holiday all their lives, therefore it is necessary to approach it as seriously as possible. It is necessary to prepare for graduation in the 11th grade in advance, because the costs will be relatively high, so the parent meeting must decide where and how the graduation ceremony will take place, because the budget of the event will depend on it.

Graduation Ideas

First you need to consider several options for the celebration, for example, the evening can be held in a cafe, restaurant, in the countryside, in a club or elsewhere. But if you turn on the fantasy, the graduation ceremony can be very original, for example, the whole class can go to Paris for the weekend - it will be very romantic and will be remembered for a lifetime.Many will say this is very expensive, but if you calculate the cost of the prom, they will be commensurate with the costs of traveling. And after the decision is made - we should begin to compose the scenario of the holiday.

Prom Scenario, Grade 11

After the organizational problems have been resolved, it is time to prepare a script for the prom. Writing a graduation script is quite an easy task. The following points should be considered in the script:

  1. The official part, where warm words and wishes will be addressed to students, teachers, parents
  2. Entertaining part - in advance children should learn funny skits, poems and songs. And also it is appropriate to include entertaining quizzes and competitions in the program and it is obligatory for the winners and participants to give memorable gifts, diplomas and certificates

  3. Dance - this can be a final dance, for example - a waltz, and if the party is thematic, then the dance should be appropriate, it is desirable to prepare a dance with parents and teachers, because they all 11 classes have always been close, loved and supported graduates

    Dancing mix for prom:

  4. The spectacular finale of the evening - you can launch balloons into the sky or Chinese lanterns as a symbol of farewell to the school.

  5. Music. Throughout the holiday, perfectly matched music should sound

By the way, the script can make, both parents and graduates themselves. After all, the script, written independently, may not work out perfectly, but it will surely be sincere and sincere, because the guys have been together for 11 years and know each other quite closely.

Main expenses

Expenditure items are made up of a few highlights:

  1. Choosing a holiday outfit
    Depending on the venue of the graduation ceremony, it is necessary to prepare an outfit, for example, if the evening will be held in a restaurant or in a palace, then an evening dress, an elegant men's suit, stylish shoes, make-up and, of course, a stylish hairstyle are required. If the graduation theme, for example: a party in the style of the 60s or a jazz evening in a nightclub, then the outfits should match the style.

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