How to sleep well in a short time?

Sleep is necessary to restore strength and normal operation of all important body systems. But what if the time is sorely lacking? Is it possible to sleep in just a few hours? You can, if you sleep right!

So, how to sleep well for a short period of time?

  1. Use the REM sleep phase. It begins almost immediately after falling asleep and lasts for about 20 minutes. Scientists have found that it is this phase that allows you to fully relax and completely turn off the brain. So if you want to get enough sleep and then feel awake and awake after awakening, then sleep for twenty minutes. To wake up on time, set the alarm. But do not forget to take into account the time required for falling asleep. Since a healthy person usually takes about 5-10 minutes, it should ring around 25-30 minutes after you lie down in bed. Such a kind of "siesta" will replace two hours of night sleep.And to achieve the best effect, you can arrange several such "sleepy" breaks a day. But remember that the phase of slow sleep, which comes after a fast and lasts the next two hours, is also very important. At this time, the immune system is strengthened, cells are restored, the work of all organs is being debugged. So pay attention to a full-fledged long sleep.
  2. There is a so-called soldier method, it is based on the information presented in the previous paragraph. You need to set the alarm for half an hour, then wake up and re-start it for half an hour. You need to do this four times in a row. Such a recharge will give strength for about 7-8 hours of active wakefulness.
  3. Sleep in the fresh air. If this is not possible, then at least just open the window. The access of oxygen will nourish all the tissues of the body and promote the best recovery of forces. In addition, you can take a walk before bedtime. And to get the most oxygen, go to the balcony, take 10-20 very deep breaths, and then just breathe deeply and smoothly for a few minutes. After that, you can fall asleep.
  4. You can put an aromatic lamp near the bed or put a piece of cotton wool or cloth, soaked in essential oil. Relaxing and soothing effect are the oils of ylang-ylang, lavender, geranium, incense, mint, bergamot, marjoram and rose.
  5. If you need to get up early in the sutra, try to fall asleep early at 22: 00-23: 00, as the most useful is sleep before midnight (one hour will replace two hours of rest after midnight). And the best way to go into the arms of Morpheus at 21:00 or even at 20:00. In this case, you will feel great, even getting up at 5-6 in the morning.
  6. Watch your biological rhythms. People are conventionally divided into larks and owls. The first ones get up early, but they go to bed early, and owls, on the contrary, appreciate morning sleep very much, but they cannot fall asleep early. So if you are a lark, then get to bed as early as possible. Owam is better to sleep in the morning. Yes, it is not always possible, because no one will tolerate constant delays at work. But on weekends, turn off all the phones to enjoy the sweet morning sleep as long as possible. In addition, prepare clothes and other necessary things in the evening to sleep before work at least 15-30 minutes longer.
  7. Do not eat before bedtime! If you “eat”, the body will not be able to fully recover, as it will spend energy on the work of the digestive system. The ideal option - a meal at least an hour or two before bedtime.
  8. If you plan to take a shower, then the water should be warm. A cold one will invigorate and prevent sleep and a good sleep, and a hot one will speed up blood circulation, which is also undesirable. Contrast shower is also contraindicated.
  9. Do not look at TV before going to bed and do not spend time with the computer, all this leads to overexcitation of the nervous system and prevents you from relaxing and getting enough sleep.
  10. Create a favorable atmosphere. Close the windows, ventilate the room, remove all sources of noise.
  11. Sleep alone. So you sure no one will interfere.
  12. Properly arrange bed. It is best to sleep on hard surfaces, it is more convenient and more correct from a physiological point of view. The blanket and pillow should be comfortable, and the linen should be clean.
  13. Do not strain before bedtime. So if you just came from the gym, go to bed at least an hour later, so that the body has time to recover and tune in to complete rest.
  14. Before going to bed, relax as much as possible and drive away absolutely all thoughts so that they do not interfere with sleep.
  15. Find and occupy the most comfortable position.
  16. To get enough sleep in a short time during the whole week, you need to create a so-called stock of sleep on weekends. After a good night's sleep, you will notice that you can get up in the morning without difficulty, at least in the first half of the working week.
  17. Before going to bed, you can drink tea with soothing herbs, for example, with melissa or mint.

Having learned to get enough sleep in a short time, you will feel better and have time to do much more work.

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