How to sheathe the car

When the interior of the cabin is in harmony with the external tuning, the image of the car becomes one, common. Well, in those cases when the body remains unchanged, individuality can be achieved only by tuning the cabin.
Every professional and car enthusiast has his own ideas about the prestige of the car. Many believe that in order for the car to become an individual and chic, it is enough to sheathe the car interior with genuine leather. Of course, one can not deny that today the most popular material for interior trim is just leather, and not without reason, it is a luxury item.
It is enough to sheathe the interior of the car with leather, as you can once feel the unusual comfort and coziness in the car. But the fact is that working with this material is very difficult, painstaking. It involves only manual work, so the cost of such a service is always expensive. But, it is enough to sheathe the car interior once with leather, as the owner will understand that this choice is not only luxurious, but also incredibly practical.With a similar trim, the insulation of the cabin increases several times, and the acoustic properties also become much better. If the cabin trim is made according to all the rules, then you can be sure that for many years it will please not only the owner of the car, but all passengers. During each trip, the mood will increase.
Sheathe the car, you can not only natural leather. For this purpose, perfect suede, which is referred to as Alcantara. Due to the lack of natural leather, this material was invented in the 70s. As a result, it has become incredibly popular with many car owners.
Work on the trim (waist) of the cabin is not cheap and painstaking (depending on the class of the car costs from 30 thousand rubles). Very often, car owners do not just sheathe the interior, but also install new equipment: televisions, speakers, speakers. But since this installation procedure is quite complicated, it is best to contact the professionals in the tuning workshop.

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