How to sharpen a knife on a stone

We sharpen a knife on a stone

The sharpening process requires a little skill, but if you have absolutely no experience, it doesn't matter, the knife will be sharpened anyway, though not so correctly and skillfully. Imagine that you need to cut a thin layer of oil from a piece. Similarly, the movement is sharpening. We put the knife at a slight angle closer to the handle. And we move the blade along the stone with the blade moving to the tip.
How to sharpen a knife on a stone
How to sharpen a knife on a stone
How to sharpen a knife on a stone
Unlike cutting butter, you need to walk a stone over all the surfaces of the knife: from the handle to the shaft. It was one movement. Now turn the knife on the other side and go to the other side of the stone. Similarly, we are trying to cut an imaginary thin layer of oil with the knife leaving to itself, in order to sharpen the entire plane. How to sharpen a knife on a stone
How to sharpen a knife on a stone We repeat the process many times: one movement - one side, one movement - another. There are lovers who make three movements in one direction, three in another. This is wrong, because in this case the center of the cutting chamfer can go to the side. Pressing the knife during sharpening is not worth much, we distribute the efforts evenly, without excessive pressure. Next, turn the stone on the smooth side. How to sharpen a knife on a stone Here everything is just like with a rough side. Except for the fact that the time for polishing is slightly less.How to sharpen a knife on a stone As you can see, the method is very simple, but it requires skill. And over time, when you, what is called “put your hand in,” the knives you sharpened will cut no worse than a razor blade.

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