How to send free sms from computer?

SMS for many have become the usual format of communication. Some send them in dozens: friends, loved ones. Thus, we all, despite the distance, become closer to each other. But for quite a long time, sms can be sent not only from a mobile phone, but also using an Internet browser or computer. For this purpose, special sites and software have been created. To make it easier for you to understand them, we have created this guide.

How to send SMS from the site for free?

In order to send sms you just go to the site that provides this service. We will not agitate you to use any particular resource. We can only say that this can be done both from the official sites of mobile operators and from other, independent resources. To find them, just ask a phrase in a search engine and a huge number of sites will immediately appear on your request. Most often they do not even need to register.The scheme is simple:

  1. Choose the mobile operator of the recipient (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, in a word, absolutely any operator).
  2. Enter the phone number.
  3. Type the text of the message. Some resources require doing it in Latin.
  4. Enter security characters and click the "Send" button.

In some cases there is a limit on the number of characters, so try to summarize the essence of the message.

How to send SMS from a computer for free?

But you can send messages not only with the help of a browser and specialized sites, but also directly from your computer. To do this, simply install one of the free programs. We will tell you how to use them on the example of one of these IsendSMS programs.

It is best to download such programs directly from their developers' websites. So you will be sure of their reliability.

At first, you will need to go to the developer’s website and download the installation file. After that, install it, it will take no more than three minutes. After it starts, you will be very clear, because a more understandable interface probably does not exist.

You just need to enter the phone number and message text in the appropriate fields. You can send it by clicking the "Send" button.In some cases, you will also need to enter a few verification characters.

It is interesting that such programs allow not only free sending sms to MTS, Beeline, Tele2 or the number of any other operator, but also to keep the phone book. Thus, it will be very easy and convenient to find the subscriber you need.

As you can see, modern technology has already stepped forward. So why not keep pace with your feet? After all, this will not only seriously save money, but also make your life much more convenient.

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