How to retire

How to retireHow to retire

For each employee, the day comes when he retires. An unforgettable evening should be arranged for this person: use slides, photographs, recall the labor merits of his colleague and funny events from the life of the team. You can present a memorable gift or money. Often, a resident receives a separate gift from the manager.


Loss of a loved one is a very painful event. Do not remain indifferent to someone else's trouble. If your colleague has died, you can send a condolence card to your relatives. Often, a separate postcard sends and the head of the company. This postcard is written in black ink on plain white paper. In the card, express sincere sympathy, offer help.


Do not make such mistakes.


In the card do not mention your loss. Bad talk about the deceased is indecent.


If a close relative of your colleague has died, you can personally express condolences and offer assistance. In this situation, it would be appropriate for the supervisor to give his subordinate a little leave during the funeral.


At the funeral, men dress in a dark gray, black or dark blue suit with a white shirt and black tie, and women in a black dress or suit with subtle decorations. This is not the case when you can wear a tie with Mickey Mouse or sandals barefoot! It is possible to transfer money to the relatives of the deceased, and it is not at all necessary to say that it was you who sent the money.


At the funeral should behave very restrained. If the family of the deceased does not know you, then introduce yourself and tell us who you were for the deceased. If you are not familiar with the family, you can simply say: "I'm very sorry."


Be attentive and patient with the relatives of the deceased in their grief, their reaction to simple things may be inadequate. If necessary, give them all possible assistance.

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