How to remove the stain on the coat

You will need
  • Depending on the type of stain, you should stock up on the following “stain removers”: gasoline, talc, hydrogen peroxide, finely ground salt.
First, it is recommended to put dry wipes directly between the lining layer and thecoatto yourspotNot passed on the lining, too.
Next, with the wrong side of the soft rubbing movements, using a cotton pad, previously moistened with purified gasoline, wipespot. It is worth noting that at the same time, from the outside, a light piece of fabric should be put on the product, preferably not silk, but simple cotton fabrics are best suited for such a purpose.
After that, dry the place where yourspot. The coat is flawless again.
If you are afraid to resort to such radical, in your opinion, methods like cleaning with gasoline, then you can use talc (in the form of powder) with the same (or almost the same) success.
A piece of light-colored fabric is not required for this, as in the example above. First get some talc.
Then sprinklespotthis powder for 10 hours (it is possible for the night). After the required time, use a special brush to cleancoatfrom talc and, at the same time, from dirt.
If you find thatspotafter the procedure done does not disappear, then repeat it.

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