How to remove the smell of shoes

The feeling, when it becomes inconvenient for oneself, is familiar to everyone, especially when it is impossible to change something in the current situation. And although awkwardness may arise on various occasions, this article will deal with how to remove the smell from shoes. After all, it can spoil the mood not only for the owner of the shoes, but also for those around him. Most often, this problem is felt during the cold season, although some people also have it in the summer heat. When we wear warm boots for a long time and we don’t have the opportunity to change them while in the room, our legs sweat and, as a result, they emit an unpleasant smell. For this reason, you can feel uncomfortable when you have to take off your shoes, going to your friends for a “cup of tea”. What can comfort people with such a problem is the ability to eliminate it or minimize it.

Video tips on getting rid of the smell in shoes

1. Take hydrogen peroxide, moisten a cloth or cotton pad in it and thoroughly wipe the shoes from the inside. If one procedure is not enough, then it can be repeated (and not once).And instead of hydrogen peroxide, a solution of potassium permanganate or ordinary alcohol (vodka), which have an antibacterial and deodorizing effect, is also suitable.

2. Ordinary deodorants for shoes will also help eliminate the smell. Only to begin with, you still need to wipe the shoes with peroxide or potassium permanganate, and only then sprinkle with deodorant.

3. To cope with the smell will help adsorbents - substances that absorb moisture and odor. As such assistants you can use flour or baking soda. They just need to pour into the shoe, leave for two hours, and then vacuum the shoes. Activated carbon is also an adsorbent, but it can leave black marks inside the shoe. Therefore it is better not to risk.

4. Vinegar. Also a good odor killer. Dampen cotton pads in vinegar and put them in shoes for about three hours (or even overnight). Remove the discs and wind the shoes.

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