How to remove operator inscription

You will need
  • - A program to customize the appearance of the phone.
Go to the appearance settings of your phone and select the “Themes” section. Find the parameter that is responsible for displaying the logothe operatoron your screen, and set it to “Off”. Save the changes.
If the inscription with the logothe operatordoes not hide in the theme settings of the mobile device, go to the display settings (in the same menu there is usually a wallpaper selection item, setting the clock and so on) and deactivate the parameter responsible for displaying the captionthe operatoron your screen. This feature is not available for all phones, mainly for conventional - Samsung and LG.
Install on your phone any application that customizes the look of your mobile device. At the same time in the theme settings the color of the logo simply changes to transparent. When choosing a program, be guided by the supported platform, the resolution settings of your screen and other features of the phone.
Install only those applications that have positive user feedback. During installation, it should not request permission to send a call, message, or internet connection. It is best to download applications from trusted sites and do not use the first results from the search engine.
All downloaded files must be checked for viruses, no matter where you get them from. To install, simply run the file from your phone’s memory in your browser or file manager.
If you are unable to download such a program through a computer, download it from the phone on the site, for example,, by connecting through the available Internet protocol settings, which you can get fromthe operator.

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