How to remove a USB flash drive

You will need
  • Computer, flash card.
Before you pull out the flash card from the USB port, you first need to insert and open it correctly. It is possible that when you run the flash drive on your computer, you will download a lot of malware on your PC. This can affect the work of the entire system as a whole, as well as harm the components.
Proper activation of the flash card. Insertingflash driveto a free USB port, and, waiting for it to be detected by the system, do not rush to open documents stored on the device. First you need to check its contents for malware using antivirus software. This can be done in the antivirus software interface, by setting the scan of the flash card, or through the properties of the flash drive (by clicking on the device icon with the left mouse button, select the “Scan for viruses” item).
Proper device removal. As many users think, to stop working with a flash card, it is enough to pull it out of the USB port. Not at all.The first step is to safely remove the device. The corresponding shortcut that appears on the taskbar when the flash card is on is responsible for this operation. Click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Safely Remove Hardware” option. As soon as the operation is completed, a notification will appear about the possibility of removing the USB flash drive from the USB port.

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