How to raise a child without a wife

First of all, pull yourself together. Do not withdraw into yourself and do not lock yourself in your loneliness. Do not build your closed world. Seek advice from other women, familiar families, colleagues, and, of course, relatives.
Feel free to contact social services with your problems. In many cities there are psychological support services. Look for like-minded people, get in touch with fathers in the same situation. Groups of single fathers are in all social networks, where you can find comrades in misfortune and in your city.
Reduce gatherings in men's companies. Give all your free time to the child. It is the father who is always a partner for the child and an adviser in games, support and support in difficult times. Do not forget, the baby is experiencing separation from his mother much stronger than you. Do not make him worry and frequent separation from you.
If you still have to often be separated from your child because of the specifics of your work, do not forget to call him and write letters as often as possible. Bring souvenirs and tell about the places where you visited. The child must constantly feel your care, attention, love, even if you are far away.
Do not limit communication with the mother, if it exists. No matter how hard it is for you to communicate with your ex-wife, try not to transfer this negative to your child. This is especially important for the son. The attitude towards the mother will further affect the attitude towards the female sex in general and to the woman he loves in particular.
You will have to take on women's responsibilities not only in the field of the household, but also in the mental sphere. Create a friendly, emotional atmosphere in your home. Give the child more warmth, gentle caress.
Feel free to hug him, show your feelings. Tactile sensations are very important for the formation of a child's sense of security and spiritual comfort. Without these "calf tenderness" the child will grow stale, tough and not able to sympathize and empathize.
Properly organize the regime.The child must go to bed on time, do homework in time and rest. Try to rest was mostly active and developing. Sport will be your reliable assistant. Record the child in the sports section, attend various competitions together. Create your team. This will unite you and give you more points of contact.
In addition to sports, other common interests are important - music, movies, books. More often be interested in the opinion of the child, do not refuse to communicate with him, referring to employment.

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