How to radically change your destiny?


When events in life, repeated in a circle and more like rock, a person thinks about how to radically change their destiny. Life resembles a trampling on the spot and it is not known how to break out of this vicious circle? According to psychologists, each person is able to change his own destiny, if a strong desire arises. You can turn the mind using self-analysis or professional help when your own willpower is not enough.

Why is there a desire to change fate?

Promises for discontent with their own destiny are numerous and each of them is a consequence of comparison. A person compares himself with those around him, choosing the ideal according to his parameters. The common advice of psychologists is to get rid of the estimated dependence and accept yourself as it is.

Comparison is laid at the level of consciousness, so you can rebuild the mind. But what to do if the soul is tormented by the narrowness and pain of the desire to break free from the surrounding reality and transfer to a perfect existence.

Pain is physical when a person suffers from visible or invisible diseases. There is a mental pain when an individual experiences pain from humiliation, failure, and obscurity. Another reason that makes a person fundamentally change his own destiny is tightness. This feeling arises when a person experiences discomfort from his own position in life.

If you were born to treat people, and you have to go to the office or do you dream of painting pictures, but instead you have to spend time on routine work? How to come to terms with it and accept yourself like that? Humility will lead to a feeling of emptiness and loneliness that stifles and kills all the most valuable qualities.

Who is able to change the fate?

To console, I want to say that everyone is capable of it. This is not true. After all, studies of sociologists show that people are divided into groups depending on:

upbringing and standard of living.

In this case, all comply with the requirements of social laws and are within the group, which is due to the mental, biochemical organization of individuals. There are 3 groups:

people capable of adaptation;
individuals capable of psychosomatic control.

We will not go into strict scientific definitions, we will single out groups on the direction of the intellect and the availability of creativity and try to learn how to radically change life, regardless of external and internal characteristics.

Inertness - as a symbol of the ability to change fate

Each person sooner or later becomes inert. Some include self-consciousness at the age of 18, and the second requires 2-3 years to live to activate inertia. The body of an individual can be compared with a locomotive that accelerates, picking up the maximum speed.

How to radically change your destiny?

Each past year adds speed and experience cars. Together with the experience comes and prejudice, which, like the load, even more disperse the composition. Arrows can change direction. In human life - exceptional circumstances, such as clinical death or trauma, radically changing lives. You can independently rearrange the rails, but for this you have to stop the engine, rushing at speed. Brake yourself. To do this, you need a lot of energy - obstinacy and the ability to self-organize.

It is necessary to stop the train gradually (an extract is required), otherwise the cars will go off the track and a crash will occur. The collapse of life. Such situations occur when an individual is forced out of his usual environment. As an example: a person becomes a sectarian.

Only acute situations are able to scare away the human essence. The personality of a person is conservative and able to change only because of necessity. If there is a motivating factor, the individual redefines life and decides to change fate.

According to physiological and biological laws, people of only 4 categories are able to drastically change their destiny. Why is it cardinal? Because cosmetic changes can be made using existing systems of practical psychology. The cardinal change is beyond their control. We consider only this aspect.

Young people - the locomotive is still full speed;
People who can free their own lives from unnecessary trash. A small number of cars allows you to stop the train quickly and without loss.
Individuals with a large supply of energy and strength.They are charismatic personalities capable of doing great things. As an alternative to this category belong, able to accumulate energy. These are followers of the paths of self-development. Strength and energy are needed to stop the composition, otherwise the change in fate will last for years.
The fourth group of people, capable of drastically changing their own destiny, foresees the future and is able to use this knowledge.

What can turn the mind?

The circumstances on the path of a person may be different, but, in fact, they are divided into 3 options:

A person finds himself in alien conditions of life when his own forces are directed towards survival. If a person stays in such a situation for a long time, the views and values ​​change, respectively, his fate becomes different.
Clinical death is a physiological factor. Irreversible changes in connections occur in brain cells. A person who has experienced a similar experience of death never returns to his usual existence.
Using special techniques - a person applies systems that are inaccessible to the basis of the layer of humanity. In some cases, the individual is able, at the cost of an incredible effort, to restructure an established life.

Change fate now!

If you read the article, it means that you are ripe to make drastic changes in your own life. There are several techniques that are based on psychology, sociology and neurophysiology.

The main factor that stands in the way of fundamental changes is the stupidity of others and our own. Stupidity can be performed by evil or good intention, without such. But it only brings harm.

There are 4 laws of stupidity that you need to know to embark on changes in your own life.

The real number of stupid individuals in our environment is more than it seems.

As a result, even the most reasonable plan hides a mistake if more than two people worked on it. The number of miscalculations increases with every person involved. Statistics show that over 90% of unsuccessful projects became such because of the stupidity of several performers or co-founders.

The collective average number of stupid people - more than 6 individuals.

The test passed a group of different professional and intellectual qualities. Regardless of race, nationality, cultural development and other parameters, the number of fools is a constant. Scientists have tried to violate this law, collecting only outstanding people in one team.

As a result, some of them began to think stupidly and make silly mistakes. In any team there are fools - an established fact. Do not waste your energy on avoiding communication with them. The energy must be channeled into the proper allocation of responsibility.

How to radically change your destiny?

The presence of stupidity - a constant that does not depend on personal properties.

Every person in society is judged by personal qualities. If a person is responsive, he is accepted better than a stale rusk. Only after a long communication can one understand that a person is a fool and this property does not depend on whether he is honest or a selfish liar. In any case, he will ruin the entrusted case and hurt his prudence or stinginess. Choosing partners for joint activities rely on your own intelligence and experience.

The clever underestimates the danger from the actions of the foolish.

The clever acts according to the laws of logic, but the fool is dangerous with his own unpredictability. The smart one calculates the moves and thinks that the others do the same. Because of this, there is a sense of omniscience. The fool acts according to the whims and suggestions of others.That is why it is impossible to predict the course of his thoughts and actions.

Stupid mistakes can make everything, but knowing the formula of this quality can reduce its quantity:

The most foolish mistakes are made in a fit of anger, feelings of gratitude or regret. At the same time, the time limit when the decision is made “here and now” also forces you to make stupid decisions.

If you have decided to radically change your destiny, leave stereotypes and get out of the maze of standard templates.

How to predict your future?

People who are able to analyze and adequately assess reality can learn their own future. At the same time, the evaluation of past actions should not end with writing paragraphs and regret for misconduct and missed opportunities.

Learn to attach importance not to perfect events, but to the attitude towards them. Evaluate not the choice in a given situation, but the reasons that pushed these decisions. Most mistakes are made due to whims, emotional outbursts and self-conceit. If you decide to radically change your life, look for other ways of acting and expressing yourself.

Inflating an elephant from a fly, leaving insignificant actions in memory, we drag them, picking up speed. At the same time, the only right choice that can make dramatic changes in life is left unnoticed. This happens only because the mind focuses only on reality. Add to this the memories of the past and the fantasy of the future.

Regretting your loneliness, you walk down the street and do not notice how you are accompanied by a girl or a man with an interested look. Or you refuse the offer to go and unwind and miss the opportunity to meet a successful classmate who is looking for a reliable partner.

Change the fate of a radically different plane today. For this it is necessary to leave regrets about not done actions. Stop being offended and look for the guilty. Determine what you want to change and think about what actions you will do. In any case, act, but not on emotions, but deliberately and in accordance with your intuition.

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