How to protect yourself from pregnancy

When conducting an irregular sex life, as well as with frequent changes of partners, pay attention to the protection with condoms. In addition to unwanted pregnancy, they will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. This method is convenient because it does not carry any side effects for health and is actually contraindicated only for people who are allergic to latex. Before using the condom for the first time, read the instructions that came with the pack. In the case of non-compliance with the rules of donning it may increase the risk of pregnancy.
If condoms do not let you down and you are married or have some other stable relationship, consult hormonal contraception. It includes pills and injections. Such drugs should not be prescribed for yourself - before the first purchase of such contraceptives, consult your doctor.An obstacle to the use of these tablets may be, for example, the tendency to form blood clots.
Use an intrauterine device for protection. It must be installed exclusively by a doctor. In this case, note that it can cause serious side effects, up to inflammation of the internal organs. In addition, such a tool is often not suitable for unborn women.
Study the information on the so-called natural methods of protection. The easiest, but also the least reliable, is the calendar method by which days are determined when conception is unlikely. To a greater extent, you can trust the temperature method, which allows you to determine the beginning of ovulation and the highly fertile period of the cycle by measuring and analyzing data on temperature in the rectum.
Complementing such methods can study the state of the cervix and cervical mucus. Taken together, these methods can give a sufficiently high degree of reliability, but they also have a significant drawback - taking into account all factors, the number of days in a month with a high risk of pregnancy can reach fifteen.
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Please note that tools such as spermicidal gels or creams should be used only as a supplement to the main contraceptive methods. By themselves, they are not reliable enough.

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