How to play it?

As it turned out, her (yo-yo) is a toy that came to us from the depths of history. Multiple frescoes and drawings clearly demonstrate great interest in this game in antiquity. It is believed that the first invented it in China. Today, many children and teenagers also consider her a toy as how to play this game - our article will tell.

When she first falls into the hands, it is difficult to immediately figure out how to play it. In order to start learning you need to familiarize yourself with several rules of the game and begin to learn simple tricks.

Before learning how to play it, the player must adapt to winding the rope correctly. You need to wind the rope on it, substituting the finger for the first turn, after which the finger with the resulting loop should be put aside a little and continue the usual winding. The rope is attached to the middle finger, raising your hand to the level of your eyes, you need to sharply throw it. Thrown out of her hand, turned up. After throwing the palm, you need to turn down and slightly pull the rope, it should return again to the hand.Many professional models are quite heavy in weight, so they do not return to the hand. In order to learn how to play better, you need to choose it for beginners. Such models are lighter and cheaper than professional ones.

The most common style of play in her is a string (rope). Tricks of this style are performed during rotation. The basic trick, which will serve as the basis for most advanced exercises, is to throw her out to the side and then wrap it around your left finger, in front of you. This trick is called “trapeze” - it is the easiest of the “mount” tricks. At first it will be difficult to deftly handle a toy, but regular workouts will help hone your skills. Using this simple exercise, you can make a "star". After throwing the leash wraps the thumb of the right hand, pulling one of the ends of the rope with the left thumb, you can get a figure resembling a star.

Another type of string style trick is jumping or hoping. During the “trapeze” the player pulls the rope, thus causing it to jump, then lowers it to one of the ends of the rope.

For performance of tricks with one hand, only vipy (whip) are suitable. The performer catches the rope in any place and twists, and the loop that turns out throws it over her. For a good example of how to play it, a video with tricks will help you understand and understand all the subtleties of the game.

When performing lereishenov (wounds) are thrown at her, and when it hangs, it is freely thrown up, passing a leash under it. Next, it should fall into the "mount." The trick of the “slek” (hanging rope) is that from the “mount” some part of the leash is grabbed, followed by throwing it and the resulting loop around the captured spot. A hook or hook is a type of "lasereyishenov", combines the technique of "slek" when the rope wraps around a finger and hooks it.

Another trick in the style of the string with the use of "mount". First, it is caught in the first “mount”, then it must be thrown over the hand with which the throw was made and caught in the same or made in another “mount”.

Chopsticks (sticks) are performed like “mounts”, but you need to throw and catch it on ropes stretched on one hand. To perform this trick more suitable for it is not very large diameter. After the trick is mastered, it is easy to perform on it of any size.

Style "string" is divided into two subspecies. In the first, she rushes forward, and in the second - to the side. After doing the tricks, she returns to the hand.

The style of the game, when a player directs her around himself in a circular path, is called “looping” or loop. This style is characterized by long-term performance of tricks without returning it to your hand.

At the training stage, it is important to feel it, find the suitable length of the leash, learn to navigate in the space where the game will take place. Knowing how to play it, will only improve their skills.

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