How to play flv format

Download the convenient free KMPlayer player from the manufacturer’s website and unpack it. Run the installation program by clicking on the kmp.exe file. Choose installation language - English (English) or Korean (Korean).
Close all open applications and click Next to continue the installation. Confirm the terms of the license to use the program by clicking the I Agree button. In the Choose Components window, you can agree to install the default components of the player. If you do not want the program to load automatically along with the system boot, uncheck the Start Menu item. To continue the installation, use Next.
In the next window you will need to specify the path to install the program. The default folder is C: \ Program Files \ The KMPlayer. If you want to change the address, click Browse and choose another path. To continue the installation, use the Install button.
On the final screen, click Finish to complete the installation. If you want the player to start immediately after installation, do not uncheck the Run the KMPlayer checkbox.You will be prompted to select an interface language from the Select Language list. After selecting, click "Next". In the KMP Video Mode window, click the Open button and specify the path to the video file you want to watch.
To save FLV videos from popular video hosting sites to your computer, use the add-on for different browsers. In the “How to use the service?” Section, click on the “Custom tools” link and download the add-on to your browser.
How to play flv format
After installing this plug-in when viewing videos, you will see the "Download" button to save files to local media. Activate the button and select the resolution of the video file to download. In the new dialog box, click "Save." Confirm your choice by clicking OK and specify the path to the folder where the video will be loaded.
How to play flv format

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