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How to Play Bacon Drinking Games

Why play “ho hum” run-of-the-mill drinking games when you could instead add a dash of irresistible bacon to the mix? Try some bacon inspired or outright bacon-eating-type drinking games to liven up any party, social event or boring afternoon. Requirements include your favorite cocktail, wine or beer along with some buddies and your love for all things bacon.


  1. Gather your movie-buff friends to play the “7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” drinking game.Although you won’t need pieces of that smoky cooked goodness to play the game, this sport will keep you focused on a different kind of bacon––the theatrical kind. The idea behind this game is to name a random film actress, actor or even director, and then follow a chain of thespians until linked to actor and all around icon, Kevin Bacon––however, you only get seven links. The least number of links the better.
    • Play with two or more people––the more people playing the better.
    • Ask everyone to write down a name of one actor, actress or director on a piece of paper and place the paper in a hat.
    • The first player randomly selects a name and must track through that celebrity’s movie career until he or she is linked to Kevin Bacon. The idea is to link to Kevin Bacon in the least number of steps––up to seven. If the player has to name more than seven steps, he or she automatically has to drink. For example, if the player selects Tim Allen, he was inToy Storywith Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks was inApollo 13with Kevin Bacon––only two steps to Kevin Bacon and most likely this player is safe from drinking.
    • Each player takes a turn––keep track of the number of steps it takes to arrive at Kevin Bacon. The player who had to name the most number of steps at the end of each round has to drink.
  2. Play "Name that Pig" with your favorite beverage.Test your knowledge of famous pigs or “pork-like” analogies with a group of friends.
    • Depending on the number of players, divide the players into teams (team A and team B) with equal numbers on each side.
    • Ask everyone to anonymously write down the name of a famous or infamous pig or bacon related person place or thing. Examples include the moviePorky’s, or the pig fromCharlotte’s Web, “Wilbur.” If you and your pals are feeling a little un-PC, you could also delve into cop references too––it’s your game, make up the rules at will.
    • Team A randomly selects a question and then provides Team B with one clue. For example, if the word is “Porky’s”, the clue could be “this place was famously patronized in a 1980’s movie series.”
    • Team B is allowed four, or as many times as you desire, attempts to guess the answer. Don't allow too many guesses though, as a faster pace is a lot more exciting.
    • If Team B guesses the answer correctly, Team A has to take a drink. If Team B does not guess correctly, then they must drink.
  3. Turn to a cooking television channel such as The Food Network for a fun-filled bacon-inspired drinking game.
    • Gather around the television during a favorite chef show featuring barbecue or southern cooking, for example. The object of the game is to drink every time the chef says the word, “pork,” “ham” or “bacon”, or uses pork as an ingredient.
    • Designate specific keywords that will trigger drinking such as pulled-pork, barbecued pork ribs or bacon. Depending on the dish, everyone could end up quite buzzed after a half hour show.
  4. Invite pork-loving friends to play bacon toss.Inspired by games where players attempt to toss pieces of food into each other’s mouths, bacon toss involves tossing a piece of bacon into the other teammate’s mouth. If your teammate is able to catch and eat the bacon, your team is safe. However, if your teammate misses––you both must drink.
    • Divide your group into teams of two. Each player must have an alcoholic beverage and a plate of cooked bacon (perhaps eight to 10 pieces).
    • Teams must stand facing each other with approximately four feet between them.
    • One player will act as the “catcher” and the other player will be the “thrower.” Team members will reverse rolls after each bacon toss so everyone gets a chance to perform each roll.
    • The thrower will attempt to toss one piece of cooked bacon into the catcher’s mouth. The bacon can be cut in half or possibly used whole, depending on your preference. The catcher cannot use hands––just his or her mouth to receive the bacon.
    • If the catcher fails to catch the bacon in his or her mouth, both teammates have to drink. If the catcher manages to catch and eat the bacon, they can choose another team that didn’t catch their bacon to drink (which means that some teams may have to drink twice).
  5. Tap into your inner “architect” and play bacon inspired Jenga.Instead of using wooden blocks, use pieces of crispy fried bacon to build your tower, then gingerly pull away pieces. The person who pulls away the piece that makes the tower fall has to take a shot.
    • Cook three to four packets of bacon so you have enough “material” to build your Jenga inspired tower. Make sure each piece of bacon is thoroughly crisped and cooked so it can withstand the building process.
    • Decide which player goes first by performing a coin toss. After the first player has been identified, decide play order. Where you rank may be the difference between building the tower and bringing it to its knees.
    • Begin the game by having the first player lay the initial piece of bacon on the table. Each player takes one piece of bacon and builds upon the next.
    • If you create the tower without having it fall, reverse the process by having each member remove one piece of bacon from the sculpture. The person who places or removes a piece of bacon that causes the sculpture to fall has to drink.
  6. Play the bacon eating game based on the chocolate eating game.In this game, cooked bacon is set on a plate in the middle of the party attendees. Have disposable knives and forks ready at the side for each contestant. As with the chocolate eating game, toss the dice around each group member. Whoever gets a six has to go to the center of the group, pour and drink a shot of whatever alcohol you've chosen (this is instead of putting on clothes as with the chocolate game). Then, the person must eat bacon with the disposable knife and fork until the next person throws a six. Changeovers must be rapid once a six is thrown, don't allow delays or the game won't be as much fun. This can get very messy if a six is thrown mid pouring, so be ready with a plastic sheet over the ground.
    • To make eating the bacon a little more exciting, try making chocolate bacon. Have plenty on the plate, people will probably scoff it.
  7. Try bacon tasting.Not so much a "game" as an excuse to combine bacon with alcohol to mark which are the best matches. You can set up food and alcohol testing anyway you like but here are some suggestions:
    • A beer and bacon tasting
    • A single malt and bacon tasting
    • A wine and bacon tasting
    • A mixed drinks and bacon tasting.
    • A range of different types of bacon is recommended, such as plain, smoked, chocolate covered, spicy, etc.

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  • Vegetarian bacon can be substituted for vegetarians.
  • For games where actual bacon is involved, consider purchasing pre-cooked bacon in bulk from a discount warehouse store.
  • If you're not so keen on using bacon rashers, try bacon muffins, bacon cupcakes, bacon fudge, bacon infused vodka, bacon brownies, etc. instead. There are many ways to cook or consume that bacon.
  • Keep all game supplies refreshed and nearby so you don’t have to stop the game in order to get more alcohol, bacon or any other item needed to play the game.
  • Play any of these games using non-alcoholic drinks--anytime bacon is involved you're going to have fun.


  • If you're playing games with bacon, ensure it is always well cooked. Never use raw bacon, which could harbor food-borne illnesses and is unpleasant to eat.
  • Don't give bacon to those who don't eat it.
  • Designate a person to be the sober driver, call a taxi for guests or invite friends to stay the evening at your house.

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