How to pickle ginger at home?

Homeland ginger - India. Since ancient times, this spice is added to all kinds of dishes. Its sharpness gives a unique piquancy and appetizing aroma. Color alone causes excessive salivation and whets the appetite!

How to make pickled ginger at home - a recipe with photos

Many have learned about this snack when they first tasted sushi. It is always served with them, as well as rolls and many other dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine. To do this, it is first kept in a specially prepared marinade. The stores sell different types of spices in a ready-made form. However, lovers of cooking something special have repeatedly wondered how to pickle ginger for sushi at home.

First you need to choose a quality raw root. You can take last year’s, but best of all, of course, find a fresh one, since its taste is much softer. In addition, young ginger is easy to clean, no more difficult than regular potatoes. The following explains in detail how to make a marinade and prepare pickled ginger at home.

Recipe for pickled ginger

How to make pickled ginger at home - a recipe with photos

It is impossible to call cooking pickled ginger a very complicated process. The main thing is to know the basics in technology and follow all step-by-step recommendations exactly. Time process takes no more than half an hour, but you need to do cooking in advance. If you need to get a ready meal in the evening, then start the marinating in the morning.

Ingredients Required:

  • young ginger root - 400 g
  • ordinary vodka or sake - 2 tbsp. l.
  • rice vinegar - 150 ml
  • dry red wine - 3 tbsp. l.
  • salt, sugar

Cooking method:

  1. Initially, clean the ginger and rinse it under running water. Next, cut the root as thin as possible. It would be better to take a vegetable cutter for this.

    How to make pickled ginger at home - a recipe with photos

  2. Slices tamp in a jar and pour boiling water. Leave for a while.

    How to make pickled ginger at home - a recipe with photos

  3. In a metal bowl, mix vinegar, wine, vodka, sugar and salt. Make the thickness of the plate smaller and warm it well. Immediately remove the marinade from the oven as soon as the first bubbles begin to form. Pour into a jar and wait until cool. Put in the cold for the whole day.

How to make pickled ginger at home - a recipe with photos

Subsequently, the color of the dish will be pink and appetizing.

Below you can view thematic video.The video tells how to pickle ginger at home.


Here are a few recommendations and facts:

  • the spice does not always turn pale pink, but this is easily remedied by adding a few drops of raw beet juice;
  • When choosing a root, pay attention to its skin and color. The color should be light, and the texture - soft and easy to clean. Lightly touch it with your fingernail - if it is easily scraped off, then the spice is young;
  • interesting detail: in ancient times, the delicacy was available only to representatives of high society. It was impossible to buy it as easy as it is now;
  • rub a little ginger on a fine grater and add in black tea. Acuity gives a unique flavor and aroma;
  • You can add not only rolls, but also meat, fish, as well as a variety of salads. Its special piquancy shades and emphasizes the taste of other ingredients;
  • It turns out that the spice is used not only as a snack, but also to freshen the mouth. It eliminates the taste of the food eaten, as if "nulling" it.

Now you know how to surprise guests with their own culinary talents and exotic masterpiece!

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