How to overclock NETGEAR WNDR3300

Download overclocking software from the manufacturer’s official website. If the necessary files are in the archive, unpack them to the desktop.
Disconnect all other computers from the router. Disable wireless access. Enter a static IP address, for example, Leave the subnet mask at
Perform a hard reset by holding the reset button for 30 seconds. Disconnect the router from power, without releasing the Reset for another 30 seconds. Turn on the router and hold Reset for another 30 seconds. The whole process takes 90 seconds.
Install the firmware following the instructions. They may differ depending on the program you choose, but in general they include opening the router GUI, entering the router's IP address and entering a password ("0000" or "1234"), opening the interface and overwriting the old firmware.
Wait at least 3 minutes until the new firmware restores the operating system. It is very important. When all the lights on the router again light up, you can continue the operation.
You will be prompted to log in.Enter the username "admin" and password ("0000" or "1234"). Here you can increase the clock frequency up to a maximum of 251Mz.
Perform a soft reset after you have changed the settings of the router. Turn off the router and wait 30 seconds before connecting it back.

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