How to organize office relocation

A private office or state organization, faced with the need to move, is forced to solve problems with the movement of a huge amount of furniture, equipment and technology accumulated during the work. It is imperative that all items are moved neatly, without damage. Therefore, it is necessary to properly organize the relocation of the office.

Office relocation will take some time, so take care of this in advance, select for all the training about a month. What moments should pay special attention?

✔ If the company is rather big and has a large number of staff, it is advisable to prepare in advance a management plan for such a responsible event. It is necessary to identify priorities, determine a budget, appoint responsible officers for all points, and most importantly, appoint a coordinator for the entire process of moving. It is he who will take control of the main and secondary tasks. Be sure to inform customers that you are planning to move to a new office.

✔ The next step is the signing of the contract with the moving company selected by you.In addition to loading and unloading and transportation of property to the point of destination, additional points may be added to the contract. For example, disassembling and assembling furniture, placing it in a new room, connecting utilities and stationary equipment, cleaning the premises after the move.

✔ Make a complete list of the property involved in the move. He will definitely need to attract professionals from the carrier company and help to avoid confusion with an independent office relocation. Get rid of all unnecessary property - sell, deposit or throw away. No need to spend time and money on the transport of extra things.

✔ Prepare documentation reflecting the plan of your future premises, placement of employees' workplaces in a new location, where furniture and computers will be installed in the new office. This saves you time.

✔ You can purchase all the necessary packaging material and cardboard boxes from the company specializing in transportation. Pack all personal items in the boxes. Be sure to label stickers.It is advisable for employees to issue a instruction sheet on how to do it correctly.

✔ Disconnect power from computers and other equipment. This is done only by a specialist - a system administrator.

✔ Make lists of all persons participating in the move. Prepare passes for everyone in advance if there is a need for them. List all vehicles participating in the office relocation. Ensure unhindered passage to the place of loading / unloading.

Relocation of the company's office is quite a serious event. But, as you can see, with the right approach and organization, all costs can be minimized. To do this, it is enough to properly plan the process, and the inconvenience associated with the move will be minimized for both employees and customers.

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