How to organize a summer wedding?

Summer months are a great time for weddings, because it is during this period that everything is filled with bright summer colors, and the streets are warm and always good weather. This period, like all others, is filled with its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered in the process of planning a celebration. After all, no one wants unforeseen difficulties to spoil the whole atmosphere and good mood of the holiday.

The unquestionable advantages of a summer wedding are well known to everyone, taking the hots would be the possibility of holding the entire ceremony in the air, somewhere on the seashore or in the garden, which is completely impossible in the winter months.

In the summertime it is easy to create beautiful bright pictures filled with sunlight and warmth. Fruits and vegetables are readily available in the summer, as well as a large number of flowers, which saves the newlyweds from many difficulties.

What you need to know?

Dresses and costumes

Together with all the indisputable advantages of the summer period, the shortcomings come into play, which can easily spoil the joy of the holiday, if they do not learn how to exclude them skillfully or, at least, reduce them to a minimum.

The main summer enemies are strong heat and high humidity, which will not go anywhere, so you need to choose the right wedding dress and groom's suit, so as not to die from the stuffiness all day.

Most wedding dresses have an open top, no sleeves and strapless, this is a great moment for summer wear. Of course, most girls prefer to appear in a long white dress at their own wedding, but since this is so, consider at least the style itself, it’s better that the fabric flows freely through the body, give up the corsets and tight lacing, the body should "breathe".

The most common summer materials are chiffon, satin, organza, silk, georgette and lace. By the way, especially for the summer months there are options with a short skirt in front, but a long beautiful train behind the back. This option will allow you to show tanned legs, as well as add additional space for fresh air.

Do not forget about the groom. In the summer months, it is better to abandon the closed classic suits, a light shirt and a stylish vest look great, you can completely dispense with a jacket or, for example, don it only for painting.In the summer months, it is better to avoid black fabrics, pay tribute to the season and allow yourself a white tuxedo.

Do not make the bridesmaids suffer the question what to wear for the summer wedding is better if the bride herself helps to choose a dress that will be combined with all the decor and appearance of the newlyweds.


Again, do not forget that in summer it is difficult to stay with flawless skin, because the heat and strives to lubricate all the perfect makeup. It is better not to get involved in dark tones, as well as a large number of foundation creams and pencils.

Give preference to natural makeup, use a non-fat tonal foundation, as well as creamy blush, as they tend to remain on the face for a long time, without slipping and falling off like others.


Of course, in the summer, I want to give preference to a wedding somewhere in nature, close to bright colors and sunny weather. This is all real, but it must be borne in mind that it will be physically impossible to hold a photo session under the scorching sun, the faces in the photos will turn out tired and tortured.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide that at the place of the survey there was a shadow and coolness, for example, somewhere in the park or on the shore of the reservoir.A good option, if it is absolutely hot and stuffy outside, to hold a photo session somewhere indoors, for example, in a museum or a beautiful restaurant, a good hotel will do. Here you can relax and have air conditioning.

Do not forget that the whole area where the ceremony will take place, if you suddenly decided to exit the painting, should be in the shade. Particular attention should be paid to soft drinks, such as mineral water, it will be the main "rescuers" in extreme heat.

It is best to start the festive ceremony after dinner, preferably around 5 pm or 6 pm, so that it becomes fresher on the street and guests can feel as comfortable as possible. Arrange the tables and chairs so that the sun shines the guests in the back, not in the face, forcing them to squint and cover their faces.


Particular attention should be paid to dishes and drinks in the summer. It should be noted that because of the summer heat, I want to eat much less, so it is better to exclude "heavy" dishes, replacing them with light and crispy ones. This, of course, does not mean that the table should be made up of some snacks, but you should still observe special moments.

This issue you will need to discuss with the restaurant staff, where your wedding will be held, special attention should be paid to perishable salads and try to exclude them from the menu. These include, for example, dishes with mayonnaise, as well as sweet cream desserts.

It is better to give preference to dishes from vegetables and fruits, you can create excellent compositions of them, adding flowers and other decorative trifles, which will add ideology to your summer wedding.

Well go green dishes, fresh berries with cream, as well as all sorts of barbecue and grilled vegetables. In the meat plan it is better to give preference to dietary varieties of meat - chicken, rabbit, as well as fish and seafood.

By the way, if you want a themed wedding, then a great idea is a wedding on a maritime theme. For this, you can decorate the tables with shells and colored pebbles, use blue and blue tablecloths.

Do not forget about soft drinks, they should be cooled in time, it is better that it be mineral water and juices with ice. You can opt out of some traditional dishes or change them a bit, for example, this concerns a wedding cake.You can order an ice-cream cake or replace it with unusual fruit desserts.

Of course, heat and humidity are not the only drawbacks of a summer wedding. Summer is the time for vacations and holidays, so you can miss some of the guests at your wedding. It is better if you, as soon as possible, notify your friends about the upcoming celebration so that they can plan their vacation.

Plus, the summer period is perhaps the most expensive in terms of pricing, as wedding agencies do not make any discounts at this time, so a summer wedding usually pours out pretty much. Although, on the other hand, vegetables and fruits, flowers and other small items in the summer, where they are cheaper than in the winter, for example. Plus, neither the bridegroom nor the bride will have to "warm themselves" once again because of the cold weather outside.

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