How to optimize the work of an accountant?

We are a young trading company in Smolensk, slowly developing, there are more and more contractors. While in the state we have one accountant who keeps records, draws up acts and contracts, charges salary in the old manner. We are thinking of buying him a program to automate accounting or take on an assistant staff. What's better?
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Answered May 1, 10:50
Look at your turnover, you can buy the appropriate program, and eventually take a second accountant to a certain area. For a trade enterprise, 1C Trade Management is suitable.
Answered May 1, 10:58
I have been working as an accountant for a long time, and I can tell you that the work of an accountant should be optimized, so you can avoid problems in the future. I mean from the tax, because when keeping records manually there is always the risk of error, the human factor, so to speak. But the program will practically count everything by itself, the accountant will only have to score the necessary indicators.The only program you need to buy licensed. In Smolensk, the 1C program suitable for your enterprise can be found here.
Answered May 1, 11:07
I think, first of all you should listen to the opinion of your accountant. He can see how it will be easier for him with an assistant or with a program. One thing I can say, if you have permanent counterparties, then the process of issuing accounting documents with the 1C program will decrease by several times. Since it will be enough to drive in once their details into the database, in the future the program will substitute everything automatically.

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